Thursday, May 27, 2010


Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

No problem.

I know what you're thinking. When is this girl gonna lose all that hair so we don't have to hear about it anymore?

Pretty quick here folks.

It is my new parlor trick. Some people have all kinds of stupid human tricks they can do. I finally have one. I can run my fingers through my hair and huge bundles of it come away in my hand. Then I curl it around my finger, and the little curled bundle stays. Unless I roll it into a meatball that is.

Remember that Oprah show "You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car..."

I gave out all kinds of little bundles today. Raise your hand. Who didn't get one?

It is getting easier now. Not so hard as those first couple of days. I didn't cry this morning when the biggest skein of it came out. [For you non-knitters, when you look up skein, it is not the flock of geese in flight definition.] I had lunch plans for today. I decided after that first run through with the comb that I better stop combing unless I wanted to go to lunch bald. Not yet. There will be plenty of bald lunches.

I didn't comb any more of my hair. Out. I heated up my beloved hot rollers and gently, ever so gently rolled my hair. I don't roll my hair to get it curly. I have always put hot rollers in my hair to make it behave. Plus, I like looking at myself with a head of rollers. I feel like Frenchy in Grease. I will miss this ritual I have been doing since I was fifteen.

I will miss taking each roller out. Letting the smoothed out curls cool. You can't just fluff up your hair right after taking the curler out. You have to let it cool.

Then you fluff. You bend over at the waist and hang upside down and you fluff. Sometimes if it's rainy or foggy or misty out, you spray your hair while you are upside down.

When you return your tray and the flight attendant to the upright position, your hair looks fabulous.

Chris Rock did that movie all about the secret life of a black woman's hair. Good Hair it was called.

I hope I have not broken any sacred trust or code for the blond Breck girl's bangin hair club. I expect Christie Brinkley may have to put a hit out on me.

I will miss the sparkly hair combs and barrettes and scrunchies and bobby pins with rhinestones. I will miss my blow dryer, hot rollers and flat iron. The shampoo and conditioner. The sprays and mousses and gels and waxes. The spray in glitter at Halloween.

I will miss braiding it, teasing it, and combing it. I will miss the pony tails, the up do's, the work do and the morning after do.

Lots of lovely things happened to me today. I will tell you about them maybe tomorrow. Not tonight.

Tonight I still need to talk to me about my hair. This is like the wake. I think the service will be on Sunday.

I showed my trick to this house full of boys I live with. They all seemed to have the same reaction. Kind of cool, kind of wicked Mom.

I waited for Baby Bear to come over. I knew she would understand. If you need a reminder, Baby Bear is Batman's girlfriend. She has a beautiful thick long head of hair and she wears it in all kinds of styles. Straight and curly and corn rowed and you name it.

I showed her my wicked trick.

"Aw" she said with just the right mixture of horror and sadness; her pouting lip punctuated her reaction. That's what I needed. From one big hair girl to another. My old sisterhood. Alpha Gamma Delta Diva of Big Hair.

I'm part of a new sorority now.

This is my wicked hazing.

One curly bundle of gold at a time.


Unknown said...

Hey, don't you know that bald is the new sexy? You can have all kinds of fun with
body paints on a bald head.(don't ask me how I know this) Anyway, hair does not make Debbie. We will still love you with or without hair. Shine on, Wonder Woman!!

kim said...

Let's see if this will work. I got a google account so hopefully I can make a comment. Julie is right. We all still love you with or without your hair. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

kim said...

It worked!!! So now I have to comment again. I would like your permission to read the second blog you wrote at my next American Cancer Society Relay For Life meeting. It is the one about self exams for women with large "girls". Being one myself I thought it was informative and should be shared. Let me know if it is ok.

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