Monday, June 7, 2010

the sacred ordinary

a piece of driftwood.
a cast iron skillet.
a hug that holds on.
a fresh roll of toilet paper.
a blank page.
a freshly ironed shirt ironed by someone else.
feeding someone, a baby, your lover.
a marble.
a new toothbrush.
a husband that cooks a dinner and bakes a cake.
sitting down at the piano, placing your hands on the keys, that moment before you play.
found beach glass and a tiny shell in your pocket.
doing laundry for a boy, which means he still lives here and you still get to see him every day.
a No.209 gin martini, stirred 40 times, poured into a chilled glass that is way too big.
a handwritten letter.
your first taste of uni.
clean sheets.
a foamy bubbly back scrub in a steaming bath in a tub too small for two.
finding a lost earring.
a bird's nest built in the wreath at your door.
reading a story outloud, one chapter each night.
a quarter on the floor of the car when you need one for the meter.
a dog dreaming.
pants that will zip now.
your mother's wedding band made into a ring you wear on your thumb.
a face that lights up when you walk in.
a kiss, given, stolen, received.
your nose in a rose you planted.
your face held in someone's hands, especially when you cry.
an artichoke dipped in hot butter.
the first day of school.
the last day of school.
a scoop of fenton's butter pecan ice cream in a sugar cone.
a 1 a.m. text "u there?" when you thought you were the only one still awake and lonely.
a boy finding the perfect rock and watching it skip skip skip off the water.
thinking the thought and typing the word knowing you will be there to read it.

tell me your sacred ordinary.


masonmft said...

red wine with a morsel of dark chocolate
wood fires
autumn leaves
back tickles
a good dream

Love you. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

a wrong made right
a lost friend found
a former student's visit

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