Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby's Day Out, The Sequel

I have a new obsession.

It's my wig.

I want more wigs.  Lots of wigs.  Lots of styles.  Lots of colors.  Yummy.  Hair.  Real hair.  Synthetic Hair.  I don't care.

Give me liberty or give me HAIR!

Let me tell you though, when you've had a bald head for weeks, a head of hair is like having a vornado heater on your head that could keep a family of four warm over the winter.  This though, is the kind of suffering I am willing to endure for the cause.

As I was getting ready for my 2nd big day out, IN A ROW OMG, I did not put on my hair until I was ready to go.  I take that back.  I put my hair on a few times while getting ready, but got so hot, I had to take it off again.  It did not help that it was a very warm day.

I didn't care.

I was determined to wear my porn hair today.

I walked into the lab to get my blood drawn.  Cute lab girl looks up but does not recognize me until I speak.

"How do you like the hair?"

"OMG it's you, you look hot!!!!!!"

Honey, I'm on fire.  Literally and figuratively.

I drove over to Anne of Green Gables.  She noticed I was in a dress first.  Then she noticed the hair.

"Whoa, sexy, you look hot!"

The motion has been seconded.

We drove to our favorite restaurant for lunch, ok, my job, but still my favorite restaurant.  My Manager greeted us, I am sure at first he did not realize it was me.

"Whoa, look at you, I am diggin that 70's Farrah thing" he said before looking away very shyly!

Triple play.

I went into the kitchen to see my Chef.  This is a dangerous thing to walk into his kitchen during a slammed lunch hour, in your civies no less.

His first look at me, he snarled as if he was thinking "Who is this lady in my kitchen?"

His second look at me he softened as if he was thinking "Who is this hot lady in my kitchen?"

His third look he realized it was me.  I did not need to wonder what he was thinking. 

"Whoa you look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You look great in dark hair!  Go darker!!!!!"

CRACK!  It's a GRAND SLAM folks, and there she goes, Writergirldreams running all the bases and making her way towards HOME.  The crowd roars.

I am hot as a brunette.  It has been confirmed by several partial sources.

Why in hell did I wait so long to become one?

I like my new hair.  I mean, the hair itself is similar to my old layered haircut.  It's the color.

I had no idea, this brunette thing.  Now this is what's funny, and listen very carefully Ladies.

I don't think its the brunette hair.

I think its the fact that I was a blond, now in a brunette wig.

One cannot underestimate the kinky factor of making the same old same old look new and exciting and mysterious.

It was another good day.  Two of em in a row.  Who'd a thunk a wig and a change in hair color could be such powerful medicine for me?

I never got the obsession with wigs some celebrities have.

I get it now.

There is something in me that was discovered when I put that brunette wig on.  An alter ego.

and it's darker.

Like going from milk chocolate to a dark rich decadent chocolate.

Do not ask a menopausal Scorpio with cancer to go darker

unless you are very very brave.

U scared yet?

(post script:

If it's Friday, it must be chemo, and I am not looking forward to it one damn bit, but I can't wait to see you tomorrow Vonda.  I miss you baby.  Kiss it.

Happy Birthday today MG.  hugs old friend.)


kim said...

That is great you love your new "do". How many others in the house have tried it on? I talked to your brother yesterday and he is going to be looking for one. He is going to be in the Mz Relay contest on Aug 7th at the Relay For Life. You'll have to ask him about it. Love to you all.

writergirldreams said...

yup, my bro told me all about it. Dressing up like a girl to raise money for cancer. He can borrow anything he wants in my closet, but he ain't gettin near my wig. No how. No way.

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