Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Woman In Red

There are several great programs and classes offered by the American Cancer Society for cancer patients, survivors and their care givers.  I took advantage of one of them yesterday, a free wig for patients suffering from chemo hair loss.

At my local office, Kimberly showed me in to the small room with a vanity and mirrors and three large, floor to ceiling cupboards.  It was great to finally meet her.  Big hug girl!  She is the one who helped Husband get all the pins for the Mother's Day surprise.  She also mailed me several scarves I use all the time and the cute little hat her Mom crocheted for me. 

Kimberly opened door number one, several shelves of  blond wigs.  Door number two, all the brunettes. Door number three?  I will categorize as other?

I tried a couple of the blond ones, my usual color.  I look very washed out and jaundiced.  That is not the look I was going for.  One of the wigs I tried on was a short, curly platinum wig.  I saw my Mom in the mirror, looking right back at me.  Hello Mama.  Hello.

I am getting used to seeing myself as a brunette ever since getting the first wig.  It gives much better color to me right now.  I switched to try on what was behind door number two.  I tried one on that was very very short.  A cute cut that framed the nape of my neck.  I had never seen myself in short short hair.  I looked like Tinkerbell, in middle age, as a brunette.  Also, not the look I was going for.  It was very strange to have so much air space around my head and neck and face.  Too naked!  I tried different shades and lengths and then found one I liked that surprised me.

Thank you so much Kimberly and Brandy for all your help, and giving me the courage to choose, drum roll please,

a red wig.

Uh huh, yeah baby, a red wig.

I think I look like Valerie Bertinelli in it, well, pre-Jenny Craig chunky Valerie, not skinny Valerie.  The wig is very layered, shoulder length, dark brunette with highlights of strawberry blond and auburn and really accentuates my heart-shaped face.

I left there with it on, and lots of great brochures in hand.  Thank you again Ladies for all your support, encouragement, and hugs at the end.

I put my shades on.

I checked myself in the visor mirror when I got in the car.  Whoa, stop the presses, Valerie Bertinelli as a spy.  Or paid assassin.  In one of those made for TV movies.  Really, I'm not kidding.  That wig gives me a bit of a sinister, in charge, stiletto sexy look, and as if for sure, I am carrying a concealed weapon in my purse.  Really.  You should see me.

Me likey.

I think I need a name for her.  Any suggestions?

Did you notice my blog has passed the 2,000 mark for visits?  Claps for herself.

Hello Emily's Mama!  So great to talk to you.  Yes, I will be at the Relay for Life event on Saturday, August 7th.  She said I am considered a survivor and get a purple shirt and can walk the opening lap with all the other survivors.

Yeah, you're right honey, I survived hearing "You have cancer."  Now I want to be one of those survivors whose cancer is way way in the distant past.

One of the things the nutritionist said I really liked was they used to refer to it as "survivorship" but that still made it sound like you made it by a thread.  Now they are using "thrivership."  I like that.

Surviving is my baseline.

Thriving is my goal.

Anybody else addicted to Glee?  I am a recent convert, getting caught up on re-runs of Season One.  You see Rachel and Finn's version of Jordin Sparks' song "No Air?"  It's very Backstreet Boys the way it's arranged, but I loved it.  Listen to it.

I walk, I ran, I jump, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
with no gravity to hold me down for real

Go Finn.

This chemo-induced menopause thing, some days it feels like the path to wisdom but you have to go through puberty again to get there.

Lord help these boys in my house.


Donna M said...

Love the VB as spy image...LOL. I think you need a "Z" name for that... ;-D

kim said...

It was great talking to you also. I loved hearing your voice and your laugh. I am looking forward to seeing you at Relay For Life. I wonder if I will recognize you in your new hair. Which one will you wear? I guess that depends on your mood that day. Hope everything went good yesterday and I look forward to seeing it. Love to you. Oh, and yes, I am a fan of Glee.

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