Sunday, August 15, 2010

Batman Returns

We drove to the airport today, Husband and Baby Bear and I, to get our boy.  Two long months without him, and even longer if you count the weeks of practice before the tour when he was gone 12 hours a day, six days a week.

Husband dropped Baby Bear and I off at the terminal, to wait for our call when Batman and his luggage were retrieved.  Baby Bear and I anxiously waited on a landing, as close as we could without breaching airport security.  As much as we both wanted to see that boy, I think we might have been able to take them.

I told Baby Bear this may look like something out of a wedding reception, when the bridesmaids tackle each other to get to the bouquet.  We laughed.  Baby Bear saw him first, having the height and sight advantage over me.

He walked towards us, at first not seeing us, his Mama and his Girlfriend.  Then a tired smile flashed across his handsome face.  Closer, closer, closer.  I could see the happiness and then the dilemma.  Who does he embrace first?  Mama?  Girlfriend?  Both?  I don't know if I stepped forward or Baby Bear stepped back, but before I knew it, he was in my arms.  Am I shrinking?

He looked at me in my wig; his Mom who is usually a blond, a brunette today.

"I like the hair, but where's my Mom?" he grinned.

Here I am.  Under here.  Here I am.

Batman and Baby Bear embraced and kissed and embraced.  They are very sweet together.  Very sweet.

His girls walked with him to get his baggage, and waited with the other passengers for the belt to start moving.  We looked for one very large suitcase and one large soft bag containing his sleeping bag.  Batman recounted when he went to check in at the Indianapolis airport, the large bag weighed fifty-nine pounds, over the limit by nine.  He shifted dirty laundry and such, a couple of pounds at a time to his dismay, until the suitcase was lighter, forty-nine pounds, and the large soft bag about thirty.  I joked that the soft bag was five pounds of sleeping bag, and twenty five pounds of dirty underwear.

Two months on the road in chartered buses, sleeping in high school gyms all over the country, sixteen states competed in, and many more traveled through on the way to achieving first place.  If you are not familiar with a drum and bugle corp, it is an intense choreographed performance of musicianship, entertainment and dedication.  I recommend you check out the Drum Corp International website at

Robin and Grandma, and Batman's best friend, waited at home for us.  Now he is among us again.  We have all, including the dogs, missed him terribly.  Especially me.

Of all that he talked tonight about the trip, it tickled me that this California boy marveled at the bugs seen in other parts of the country.  Huge spiders in Texas.  Fireflies in Pennsylvania.  Huge butterflies in Indiana.  Hornets like something out of a sci-fi movie, buzzing the snare line and a few meeting their maker with the smack of a drumstick.

Tonight as I write, this home seems right again.  I teased Batman I don't know who I missed more, him, or Baby Bear at our house with him.

This week both my boys are back to school, and our house returns to that comfortable rhythm.  In October, Batman will be turning twenty, and Robin will be turning thirteen, and I will be having a birthday of sorts too.
A new me, emerging.

Everything is changing, and yet somehow tonight, everything is the same.

We are all here.


I am grateful.

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