Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee, Tea or Me

Well, I finished my work week!  2 nights.  Woo hoo.  I'm pooped.  Hey, don't laugh, that's pretty damned good for a girl with 4 months of chemo under her belt, and 5 rounds to go.  I think I miscounted before, yes, I am down to 5 rounds.  Tomorrow is 5, then next Friday is 4, then the Friday after that is 3, then the Friday after that is 2, then Friday, September 24 is the last one,

and then Saturday, September 25 I will be drinking a martini, or maybe a Cosmo, no wait, a top shelf margarita with salt, wait wait, no rush, I have plenty of time to figure it out.  I'm really not a drinker at all, except when I can't drink at all, then I want one.

Saw one of my regulars tonight at work, so happy to see me.  "Hi, so great to see you, I love what you've done to your hair" she says.

Gulp.  Uh wait till you see what I'm going to do to my boobies...

That's a hard thing, who do you tell or who not to tell.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind telling people, I just hate springing it on em when they are out to enjoy a nice dinner and then here comes cancer girl -


Sure is good to have my apron back on, but things are changing.  People coming and going at my job, where usually there is no turnover.  For the longest longest time, I was the new girl.  That was two years ago.  Lots of changes.

Good luck Yulie on your new job, I sure will miss you honey.  Let me say again, that video you and your man put together for me of all the work crew will always rank as one of the most thoughtful, kind, funny, poignant, loving things that anyone has ever done for me.  Thank you so much Yulie for all the little messages and photos, for calling me chicklet, and just for all the love and cheerleading for me.  Thank you Yulie.  I know we'll still see each other, but I will miss buffing glasses next to you at the end of the night and complaining about the boys not doing shit.  Big big hug girl.  Here's to your success and prosperity at the new job!  and don't be shy about wearing your hair up honey, you have a beautiful face.

You ever have basil garlic mashed potatoes?  M-m-m-m, especially when a piece of pan seared Alaskan halibut is nestled into it.

One of my guests tonight said that when I explain the specials, it sounds like pornography.

See what I'm saying?

Another said "You know, the way you describe food is fabulous, like you were a writer or something."

Uh huh.

I've been mulling over my next blog, the one after this, THE FUN ONE.  I plan on writing as cancer girl until Mother's Day of next year.  That will be one year in the life of a cancer diagnosis, chemo, surgery, reconstruction, radiation, and easing in to my new normal and living with my new body.  I hope to God and Jesus that is the end of my cancer blog.  FOREVER.

Despite the material, I do like this rhythm, writing everyday, and I'm going to come up with some kind of sexy girl blog, all about living the high life, while still being a Mom and a wife.  Kind of a favorite things/favorite places/favorite cocktails/talk from behind the apron kind of deal.  You'll see.  It's going to be fabby.

Sure is good to be back at work, and sure is good to finish my 2 day week. HA!  

Back to the Cancer Center in the morning, to all my angels, and my heavenly poison.

See you on the flip side.

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