Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easy as One, Two, Three

The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do; something to love; and something to hope for.
Allan K. Chapman, writer

Sounds pretty easy doesn't it, when you simplify it this way.  Easy as one, two, three.  Easy peasy.  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Something to do.  I realized how much I like doing my job.  Being a server on any given night, is the best job in the world, or the worst job in the world.  Most nights, it is the best.  I like the beginning of it, getting the dining room ready, lighting candles, folding and stocking napkins, and mostly pre-shift.  We review the menu additions, and I get to hear some of my favorite words like clafouti and gorgonzola and zabaione.  Soon guests will arrive, and I will recite the specials in the most sexy, enticing, delicious way I can.  My favorite is when selection of words and the sound of my voice is rocking them in a cradle and cooing to them, and sometimes they say "Could you just say all of that over again, just like that..."

and I like the middle of the evening too, when the dining room is humming with laughter and conversation, flatware hitting plates and corks being tugged out of bottles, high heels on a maple floor, and crystal glasses chiming like church bells when carried to the table between the fingers of a server's hand.

I like the ending of the night, guests are leaving and we take back our space, cleaning and polishing and stocking to restore it to the beginning again.  Counting my money, saying goodnight to my co-workers, walking out in the cool night air and loosening my tie.

Having something to do, what a relief I am doing mine again.  Scheduled for two shift this coming Wednesday and Thursday, and thrilled to have this become the focus of my week instead of labs on Thursday and chemo on Friday.  Shall I wear one wig Wednesday, and a different color on Thursday?  Yes, I think I will.

Having something to love.  I love my family, I love when we are all in the house together, don't even have to be in the same rooms, but we are all here.  Usually there is a tv going, a kid on a computer, a candle burning, dogs at our feet, music playing, and cookies baking.

I love my friends, my close friends, my work friends, my new friends that take such good care of me.  Is there anything better than greeting and hugging a friend, or sitting across a table, drinking, talking, eating good food?  I love the phone calls and the text messages, and the cards and the letters.

I love writing and playing the piano.  I plug out of my body and into my soul when my hands are on a keyboard typing, or on a piano composing.  When I write, or play melodies, I wade into a flowing river and float in cool crisp clean water, closer and closer to my truest, highest self and Creator.  I often play the piano very late at night, somehow it is truer and richer and sweeter when the moon is my muse.

I love nature, in my garden, watching the mockingbird defend this yard he thinks is his, or the squirrels that have turned the top of our fence into their freeway, the hummingbirds that come to suck my fuchsias, and the doves who come to bathe and coo in my fountain.  I love the wild places, walking near the strait close to home, the sound of water lapping the shore as a tugboat chugs by.  Walking on paths lined with eucalyptus, leaves shaking like soft percussion while birds sing the melody.

I love lighting a candle, opening a book, rubbing on good smelling lotion, taking a bubble bath, or sometimes, just laying in my bed late at night, the rest of the house quiet and asleep, listening to the wind blow the chimes that hang on the house just outside my bedroom window.

There is so much more to this list of things I love, and people I love, and animals I love, and love love love.

Something to hope for.  I hope for the return of good health and a long long life.  I hope for the health and happiness and safety of my family and all the people I love.  I hope for peace in our community and country and world.  I hope for a return to prosperity for our country, health care for everyone, opportunity for all who seek it, and food for so many who go hungry among us.  I hope for tolerance, and kindness, and patience with one another.  I hope my favorite shows, like Men of a Certain Age and Glee, are on for many more seasons.

Three simple things.  Something to do.  Something to love.  Something to hope for.

When I think of my life in this way, when I measure my life like this, I forgot how happy I am.

I need to remember to come back to this, as often as is necessary, and write down these things I love to do, and live to love, and hope for.

Will you write your list too?  Take a moment to jot down these things, make your list, and see how happy you forgot you really are.

Will you tell me some of what you wrote?  You have been awfully quiet lately.  You still there?

Talk to me.

I miss you.


masonmft said...

My short list:

My love
my children
my family
my house
good food
long walks on the beach...oh wait. My ankle hurts and I have to stay out of the sun. Scratch that last one.

Love you. Moving forward.

kim said...

I haven't posted for a while. I had to catch up on your blog. I was reading from my phone and it is harder to post. Need to come back to the computer. Here is my short list:
A quiet house
A noisy house with kids laughter
my daughter
listening to her sing
watching her dance
watching her play soccer
my daughter
my family
my friends
reading your blog

writergirldreams said...

Hello ladies, sure loved those lists. Very good. Mft, you should have seen the clouds passing last night, wicked cool when I got home from work. Almost a full moon, and clouds blowing by so low, lit by moonlight, I almost felt like I could wrangle one down and stuff it into my bed. Don't worry about the ankle and the sun, I will push you in a wheelbarrow and we can wear big floppy hats.

Emily's Mama, I loved your replies to. So good. So simple. That's what it's all about isn't it, the simple simple things. Big hugs girl.


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