Monday, September 13, 2010

Bases Loaded, Rounding Third and Heading for Home

I have tagged and ran past third base, and now I am heading for Home.

And there she goes folks, Writergirldreams, bases loaded, bottom of the Ninth, heading for Home, but wait, she stumbles, she's caught in a pickle between third and Home...

That's how it's feeling, like my body has hit a wall and I am crawling to make it across the line.  I just called in to work to tell them I wouldn't be there again this Wednesday and Thursday; there is no way I could do it.  Wah.  Wah.  Wah.

I emailed The Good Witch today, telling her I think I am going in the wrong direction!  Gosh, I was feeling so good there for awhile, worked a few shifts, and other than the fatigue, was doing so so good.

Then the damn neuropathy hit, I started on Cymbalta to help with it, and after Taxol number 10 on Friday, right into the crapper.

It was a long weekend, and today was difficult.  I don't know if it's the cumulative effect of the chemo, the neuropathy, the Cymbalta?  What happened? 

Wha'happen?  What you talking about Willis?

This thing with my eyes twitching and the blurred vision is freaky, and I feel strange, drugged and often dizzy.  The numbness is back in both feet and on the tip of my tongue.   My hands are swollen and achy, and I am puffier than a blowfish.

Other than that, I'm just groovy.

Looks like I might have to dive for Home, sliding on my ass to get there.

Crawl if I have to.





Y'all are awful quiet out there.

You still in the stands rootin for me?




masonmft said...

I'm rooting for you and dropping f bombs along the way. Just 2 more. You are on the home stretch of this mf@#)&* chemo. I mean blessed be the chemo. Amen

Anonymous said...

I'm out here. Thinking of you all the time. Miss seeing you. The store is lonely without your smiling face and that laugh. Love it. I pray for you all the time. Beverley (B)

Julie McCullough said...

Hi Debbie,

I'm rooting for you. And yes, the frigging fracking freaking f word is sometimes the only one that works. Fee fie on that ffff sys ad.

Hang in there--Julie (an Leslie's class alum)

writergirldreams said...

Hi girl, Mft, yeah, blessed be the chemo. Ha.

Beverly, Hi, did the kids show you how to post a comment? That's great, what a nice surprise!

Julie, fee fie, thank you. Big hug. Come read me one of your stories. I miss hearing you read.

Thanks Ladies. I needed that. deb

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