Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three Wigs

This is one of my first self portraits taken on my cell, I had just started chemo.

This was my candelight ode to my hair, about ten days in to chemo.  My scalp had already started to feel sore and very itchy.  It wasn't long after this that my hair started clumping into huge dreadlocks near my shoulders.

This was my first hair cut, I did it myself.  Gave myself a page boy to cut out all the dreadlocks that had formed below.  By the next day, my scalp was so sore the rest of it had to go.

My son Robin shaved my head for me, with much love.

This is my favorite photo of me, after I had just figured out how to wrap a scarf on my head.  This was my signature look for awhile until GoldenWings took me to get a wig!  I am not as puffy in the face as you will see in the later shots, where chemo has really taken its effect on me.  OMG, my eyebrows and lashes, wow how I miss those!!

This is my first wig, reminded me a lot of my real hair.  Funny now, I wear it the least.

This is my Jennifer Aniston wig, it's very cute, and my first time as a brunette.  Here I am at the Wig Shop trying it on. 

This is my freebie wig from the American Cancer Society.  It's my red girl.  You can see how much puffier my face is from chemo here, almost four months in.

Pretty soon I will take a shot of my fuzzy wuzzy head to show you, with very little eyebrows and lashes coming back slowly.

I have two weeks of chemo to go.

Send all your good love and prayers and joo joo and mocha chocolata ya ya my way.

Just get me there.


Jill Nogales said...

You are beautiful!!!
Two more weeks... You're almost there. I know you can do this!

writergirldreams said...

Jill, you are a real sweetie. Thank you for the pep talks. I love your blog. I listed it on mine. A big hug to you tonight. wgd

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