Thursday, September 16, 2010

I'm Too Sexy for My Cancer

I have that stupid song in my head tonight, "I'm Too Sexy" with that crazy guy parading around.   How in the hell did that get in there?  So I am singing it to myself as I write tonight,

I'm too sexy for my cancer, too sexy for my cancer, so sexy it hurts...

\Ha, now it's in your head.  Misery loves company dahling.

The Good Witch was calling my cell at 7 am something this morning and left a message saying to call her office and have them interrupt her to answer my call.  Sure was good talking to her.  I always feel better after talking to her.  I told her so.

"You are good medicine, did you know that?"

She is ya know.

We discussed all my side effect drama lately, and she agreed it was fine to get off the Cymbalta.  Take one dose for the next three or four days then stop.  Wish me luck.  I've been reading all kinds of things on the Internet about withdrawal from Cymbalta.  Yikes. 

She said it sounds like a fair amount of my side effects are Taxol related.  After almost five months of chemo my body is saying enough is enough.  She reiterated I only have two to go and let's do everything we can to keep on schedule and finish up. 

I'm almost there and stuff is falling apart!  Crawl baby crawl.

I also asked her about a new radiation machine we heard about on the local news; Stanford Hospital just had FDA approved the next generation of radiation technology.  The beam is so precise they can give a higher dose, reducing the radiation treatment from five weeks of daily to ONE WEEK OF DAILY.  The Good Witch said it doesn't hurt to check into it, and make sure I let them know I will be a mastectomy patient.  Sometimes with the new stuff, they limit who gets it, usually the most high risk aggressive disease.  They did mention on the news that they are using it first on pancreatic cancer patients.

Doesn't hurt to ask, right?  Stanford is on my medical plan.  Who knows?  It would be worth it to drive to Palo Alto every day if I could go from five weeks of radiation to one!

Let me give you a clue about being on short term disability in California.  If you go back to work part time, they have to review your time sheets and it screws up the regular cycle of when you get your check.  Uh, they should tell you this stuff.  My check will probably be a week late.  Great.

Tonight I am developing a rash on my hands and forearms.  Lots of little red itchy bumps, looks almost like poison ivy.

Every minute is something new and exciting!

Next thing you know, they are going to want to cut my boobs off...


Freakin funny tonight on my favorite cancer message board, talking about October is coming, which is THE breast cancer month.  I told how at the grocery store a couple days ago, at the checkout they asked "Would you like to make a donation to breast cancer?"

I felt like pulling my scarf off my head and saying "Will this do?  How bout this?"

One of my "sisters" wrote back

Hey Writergirldreams,
My screwy sense of humor just returned.... as I read your post my thoughts were----- I would have been hard pressed not to lift up my shirt, show the double mastectomy scars and say no thanks I gave at the office....
Thank you Bg5, that was funny.
Now now don't get your panties all up your arse folks, yes yes yes, give your money to help breast cancer research.
Just every now and then, life throws you some irony and you want to hit it out of the park.
She swings and CRACK, over da fence.
I'm too sexy for my cancer, too sexy for my cancer, so sexy it hurts.

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masonmft said...

Well, I was thinking you could just plop one of your boobies on their little produce scale and ask if that was a significant enough donation. I guess it is just flying around in the air today.
Love you.

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