Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Numb and Number

When I woke up yesterday, I didn't have any toes.  It was weird, it was like I had phantom toes.  I know they were there, but couldn't feel them, except for a tingling at the base of where my toes should be connected to my feet.

I have read on the Internet and the cancer message boards that neuropathy or numbness and tingling, can be a side effect of chemo, especially Taxol.  Other than my hands occasionally stiffening, I've avoided these symptoms.

Until today.  I hit pay dirt today.  Both of my feet were numb most of the day, and working tonight was very difficult.  My left foot is much better now, but the right is still completely numb and aching.  It's a very strange feeling, parts of the foot are numb, and parts of it hurt like hell.

Oh man.  I've been taking ibuprofen today, it has provided minimal relief.

I told Anne of Green Gables tonight at work about it, and she was like "Aw honey, you should say something.  Are you sure you should be working?"

I told her it's not that I'm trying to be a martyr, it's just that I look forward to this all week.  All week.  I toughed it out but I have to say, it was very difficult.

Tomorrow I plan on soaking and massaging my feet and legs hoping it will help, cause I sure want to work tomorrow night as scheduled.  I plan on keeping my feet up most of the day, except for when I have to go get my labs done and pick up Robin from band before I go to work.

Wish me luck.

I really don't want to miss work, and I don't want to have my chemo schedule affected.  I know sometimes they delay treatment when side effects like this start happening.

I am in the home stretch!  Only four treatments left!  Just damn get me there!

That's my prayer.

Just damn get me there.

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