Monday, September 27, 2010

The Power of Furry Angels

I'd like to introduce the canine contingent of my wellness team.

Sisters.  Cassie Deer and Hallie sayin "Whassup"
Little Miss Muffin

My nurses, always near, all throughout chemo.

I know I'm naughty, but how can you be angry at this face?

the cone of shame

During the day, when the house is quiet, these girls are my faithful companions.  When it's time to nap, they all follow upstairs like a parade.  Hallie and Cassie flank both sides of my bed on the floor, and Muffin takes her place at the foot.

Good good medicine, my faithful girls, all pound puppies.

Furry angels.

1 comment:

Donna M said...

Love that photo with the doggies...they're giving you a canine special transfusion of dog pack love. I think they've written their own prescription for 52 weeks of it. Nothing like it in the world...

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