Saturday, September 4, 2010

Smell Good Things, Feel Good Things, Try It Baby!

That's my thought for today.  Smelling something that smells good makes you feel good.  Try it.  I think it is very important to surround yourself throughout your day with things that smell good.

First you start in the bath or shower.  I am addicted to bath and shower gels, bath salts, bubble bath, oils and scrubs.  You don't have to spend a lot of money on this stuff.  Suave and Dove make some pretty good smelling products.  I like the ones with mango or pomegranate or citrus.  Nothing like lathering your body up with scents that wake you up and energize you.  and those sugar scrubs, OMG, I love those.

I also like lotions that have a clean fresh scent.  One of my all time favorites I found when we stayed at a hotel in San Diego, and the lotion can be found on the website of the Noble House Resorts.  They have a spa shop and the lotion scent is called Breeze.  It's wonderful.

I am also big on candles, different scents for different rooms.  My living room is an ocean or beachy theme and I like having candles in there that remind me of the ocean.  In my family room and kitchen, which is more french country, I like to have more savory candles going, with notes of sandalwood or apple or vanilla.  In my bedroom, the candles are subtle and relaxing scents, like pear or kiwi or sexy amber.

Of course having something great cooking or baking in the kitchen also makes the whole house seem happier and more inviting.  Nothing like a batch of cookies baking to make your brain feel happy like a kid.

I forgot to mention body butters and lip balms.  Thank you Mama Dez for turning me on to the Body Shop's Shea butter, it has a soft honey scent to it.  I also love the Mango butter and pink grapefruit butter, either of those when you need a pick me up.  It's amazing what it can do for your mood when you rub these emollient butters into your hands and arms, or especially your feet.  They feel good and smell good going on.

I also love the smells in the garden, my roses and the honeysuckle, and all the herbs, especially lavender and pineapple sage and mint.  Nothing like fresh lavender or mint in your iced tea.  How refreshing!  Or rose petals in the bath!

Do not underestimate the power of smell to transform your mood. 

Today I lathered up my poor blistered prickly feet with mango butter, then put soft soft socks on to let it soak in.  Then I put Shea butter on my lips, and pink grapefruit on my hands and arms.  I was laying here smelling so good, I had an idea.

How bout if I splash some rum on me, put a sprig of mint in my belly button, dust my boobs in sugar, and call this body cocktail, The Tropic of Cancer?

What d'ya think?

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