Monday, October 4, 2010

Bedtime Story

Remember that post I wrote about Sharks and King Kong, the dream of The Good Witch?  I asked Mft for a little input on the dream, since she is in a dream group and is wise in such matters and others.  This was her reply.

"Dreams come to us in the service of health and wholeness." You were just in the Good Witch's dream so we would have to ask the Good Witch the questions. Sorry have to have your own dream where you kick King Kong's butt and battle the sharks. ps to the Good Witch. If I had to battle King Kong and Sharks I would want Debbie by my side. XOXO

Despite Mft's wisdom, after the week I had it seemed as though The Good Witch might just be a fortune teller.

Last night after posting, I noticed a comment was waiting.  What a great surprise to read this one.

It's the Good Witch here. This is my first-ever comment on a blog. In fact, this is the first blog I have ever read. I have always had very vivid and imaginative dreams. But as you know from your own dream experiences, sometimes you wake up and you don't remember all those vivid and imaginative DETAILS. Anyway, one night I dreamed about you, and you were working terribly hard against something. The exact detail of what you were up against in the dream escapes me, (but we both understand the real "something"). So, when I saw you in the office, I spontaneously and erroneously assumed you remembered the dream, too. I'm sure I dreamed of you because you have been on my mind, consciously and unconsciously (apparently). Perhaps I should have kept my dream to myself... Debbie, I very much appreciate your ability to share with me your thoughts, and I am very privileged to be with you on this journey.

Oh my gosh, she's here, she's here, everybody bow!!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's like magic arriving among us, like Glenda floating down in the iridescent bubble.

Did I get a kick out of that!  Laughing my ass off outloud.  LMAOO.

I am honored by your presence Good Witch.  I don't think you should have kept the dream to yourself, lest I be stripped of such good material and proof of your intuitive powers.    You were right, I have been working terribly hard against something, and last week was a fierce battle.  That one two punch of True North having to cancel my surgery, then damned United turning down my request anyway, hit hard in my solar plexus.

I really did not want to go there, feared that there there, the Kingdom of  Lost Breasts, where I will leave Flopsy and Mopsy behind...

Once upon a time, in a land so far away from here, there was a princess with golden locks, a song in her heart, and a pen in her hand.  She ruled over a candlelit kingdom of lost boys and lost puppies, cooking over the burning fire of a crockpot, and finding enchantment in a garden full of fairies and gnomes, hummingbirds and butterflies, and two doves coo cooing while bay breezes chimed chimes.

She had no magical powers, but believed she did, for most of her life whispered the prayer "Let No Bad Happen" and thought it so, not realizing it was mostly because when she looked for Good, she always found it.

A plague fell upon her, she saw it, appearing as a black hole in a starry sky.  There were thousands like her.

Much was asked of her to battle the plague.  Give up your magical thinking, give up your golden locks, give up the comfort of your routines and rituals, and surrender your body to potions and poisons that will kill the plague, unless they kill you first.

When you have done all these, she was told, then you must go to the Kingdom of Lost Breasts.   You will travel there alone, except for the help of a Wizard.  You must leave your breasts alongside millions of others, bravely surrendered by the Sacred Order of the Sisterhood of Cancerous Breasts.

When you return from that place, we will cast more magic upon you, until you glow like a firefly, every night for twenty nights plus eight.

The princess did all that was asked of her, met every challenge in the abyss of her fear, with the help of legions of Angels that had arrived, knowing she could not do this on her own.

Every night, her empty pockets were refilled with starlight.

She waits now, for passage to the Kingdom where she will leave behind accessories, and walk away with her life, still believing Good is found everywhere, and mostly in a heart that loves.



Anonymous said...

Your writing is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey. Much love and best wishes.

Jill Nogales said...

I too have been to the Kingdom of Lost Breasts... You are not alone. You can do this. And when it's all finally over, you will be able to look back and realize that you are even stronger and more amazing than you ever imagined.
Big hugs to you.

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