Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Driving Miss Debbie

It's true, I am like Miss Daisy right now, like a little old lady, a stubborn old lady.  I need a driver too.  You ever try to drive with a numb right foot and eyes that twitch?  I am doing as little of it as possible.

I have kept my commitment to exercise this tired body at least thirty minutes a day.  Walked through the neighborhood on Sunday.  I went back to the pool for water aerobics class yesterday after being gone for months and months.  All my peeps were there.  I was there too, me and my fuzzy platinum head.  Sure made being in the pool easier, not giving the hair a second thought.  I walked the neighborhood again today.

I am kicking my own ass.  Pushing myself.  I notice after exercising my menopausal chemo brain feels so much sharper, but oh my feet, oh, oh, especially the right and that leg.  Oh oh oh.

Yesterday at the pool, I hadn't thought about all the bouncing on the pads of my feet.  The water felt so good; I was a dolphin in another life.  I winced though every time my feet hit the bottom of the pool.  I need to get some water shoes, you think that might help?  My right foot is super itchy too.  I hope this means the nerves are waking up.  Puullease.

I started making smoothies with protein powder in the morning, adding a banana and some flax seed.  Building muscle takes protein, right?  It is amazing how extra protein really helps control my hunger the rest of the day.

I am determined to come out of this in the best shape of my life.

Right now, I'd be happy not to get winded just walking up the street or getting dressed.

Remember that video on YouTube I told you to find in one of my earlier posts?  "Free Hugs" in Sordino, Italy?  I've decided to make my own version of that during this next three weeks leading up to my surgery.  With one small difference.

Instead of holding up a sign that says "Free Hugs," mine is going to say "Free Feels."

Go ahead, squeeze em.

Squeeze these big luscious girls, while you still can.

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