Thursday, October 7, 2010

Good Samaritans

All three of the dogs in our family, sisters Hallie and Cassie, and Muffin, inherited from Grandma, are house dogs, but love spending time in our large yard.

my boys old sandbox, now a bed for all the girls

Last week, the sisters had a big day out, out of the yard that is, when they escaped through a gate that does not always close securely.

I didn't think much of it when I let Muffin in from outside; I figured Batman had probably let the sisters in earlier.  The girls have beds in the family room, and up in Robin's room.  They love napping up there as the setting sun heats up the room and makes big squares of sunshine on Robin's floor.  Whenever a dog lays in a square of sunshine, we call that "doggy beach."

After awhile, it occurred to me I had not seen the big girls underfoot.  I was in the living room and called upstairs to Batman.

"Son, are the girls up in Robin's room?"

He checked.

"No, probably in your room."

He checked.  Just as he came out of my room to say they weren't there, I heard the girls crying ON THE FRONT STEP.  Then the door bell rang.

Batman and I looked at each other.     Don't even tell me one of the dogs just rang the bell?

Hallie has been known to open the latch handle on a door, but come on!

I opened the door to see our girls on the front step crying, they both ran inside, and a young couple was standing behind them.

Turns out the dogs, on one of our hot hot days last week, had ventured the farthest they have ever been from home.  We live at the top of a large hill on a side street off a fairly busy parkway, and they had gone a good distance down the parkway.

This couple was driving by and saw Hallie and Cassie together, hot and lost, and so they pulled their car into a bus zone and called out to them.  Panting and slobbering, the relieved dogs came over to the car and these good Samaritans put them in the backseat.  They checked the tags, which have phone numbers, but Cassie's has the home address.  They looked up the address and drove the girls up the hill and right to our door.

I was so grateful and thankful that someone would actually pull over and go out of their way to get our girls home safely; it could have been a real tragedy.  Especially the area where they found the girls; cars tend to speed because this part of the road is at the bottom of a hill from both directions.

The girls were so hot and tired and relieved to be home.  Hallie, who is the talker, cried and told me all about it for some time after they bolted through the door.  Their extra large water bowl had to be refilled twice, one after the other, as they gulped and slurped the cool water.

What a relief.  Thank goodness our beloved girls were found by animal lovers, just like us.

Fast forward to this week.  Batman and his girlfriend Baby Bear were in the area near his job and their college.  They were driving down a very busy street close to a freeway, when they saw a loose dog darting through traffic.

My six foot son has quite the commanding presence, but when it comes to animals, he is all mush.  He pulled over, and went after the dog.  The dog ran and was quite frightened, but Batman was able to corner him and the dog dropped to the ground and gave that look - "I'm sorry, I know I'm in trouble, I give."

I love that my almost twenty year old son, who often reminds me "I'm a grown ass man Mama" still calls me first when he needs help.  He wasn't sure what to do.  The dog had a collar but no tag, and a bright red leash still attached.

"Well, the dog must have gotten away while being walked, I guess look up on your phone for the nearest vet, shelter or the pound, and hopefully the dog has been micro-chipped and they can call the registered owners."

"Ok Mom, we'll figure it out."

Batman and Baby Bear decided to wait in the vicinity where they found the dog, hoping the owner might come by and see them.

I called to check about twenty minutes later, and sure enough, the owner and her daughter drove by and saw them with their dog and were absolutely thrilled and grateful.

Turns out the "he" is a she and her name is Sophia.  Baby Bear sent me this photo from her phone, with Batman's big feet in the background.

There are moments when Good happens in the world, like an unexpected present, all wrapped up and delivered to your door, with your name on it.  Here, this is for you.

You have not lived a perfect day, even though you have earned your money, unless you have done something for someone who will never be able to repay you.  Ruth Smeltzer

Do something good, every day.

Pay it forward.

Pay it back. 
You may never know the effect of your actions, but know this for sure, good begets good.

Here.  This is for you.


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