Friday, October 15, 2010

In Sickness and In Health

Wife, says quietly, "Are you going to miss Flopsy and Mopsy?"

Husband, pauses then whispers, "Not as much as I would have missed you."


masonmft said...

So there is weeping.

Beneath the Eaves said...

Kiss that man!

saw you had a new blog on my sidebar. You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

WoW, what a great guy. I wanted to post this yesterday but just figured it out today.
On this day, God wants you to know
... that beginnings are only possible where there are endings. Clear acknowledged endings are as necessary to intelligible life, as pauses between notes to intelligible music. Although endings sometimes feel like the end of you, take them for what they really are, - the end of a stage in your life. Here Nanigenda

Coral said...

I was SOOOOOOO not expecting this to be the first thing I read today. I'm at work (my part-time retail job) and cannot contain the tears.

Thanks for reading my stuff. ;-) Hope to stay in touch.


Jill Nogales said...

Oh wow... that's beautiful.

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