Monday, October 11, 2010

Look Good, Feel Better

Look Good...Feel Better is a free national program especially for women undergoing cancer treatment.  Developed in a collaboration among the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, the American Cancer Society, and the National Cosmetology Association, Look Good...Feel Better offers instructions, tips, suggestions, and advice on dealing with hair loss and skin, complexion and nail changes.  The program, which provides complimentary cosmetic products donated by participating Personal Care Products Council members and demonstrated by volunteer cosmetology professionals, never promotes or endorses any specific product or brand.  [from the Look Good...Feel Better Instruction Book handed out in the class.]

This two hour class is free and only requires that you register, and give them your shade preference so they can bring you a custom kit that will suit you.  My Angel, Kimberly, at my local American Cancer Society office signed me up; I told her "Light" was my complexion choice.  Today I went to the class held in a conference room at the Cancer Center.

This is such a great program by the American Cancer Society.  It was just great!  I loved it.  I was happy to be among other Sisters, all of us at different stages of treatment, with different ages and ethnicity's represented.  I was reminded today that cancer has many faces and does not discriminate.

Wow, what a pirate's booty I received today!  They give you da good stuff baby!

My tote bag, specifically put together for a light complexion included cosmetic samples and many full size products from companies like Avon, Bobbie Brown, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Aveda, Mary Kay, Clarins, and Physicians Formula.

Ice cream and cakey cake, ice cream and cakey cake.

I was very excited because some of what I received I had always wanted to try, like the Bobbie Brown eye shadow kit, all in shades of brown.

Many top cosmetic companies were represented; all of the products are donated free of charge for this program.  At the beginning of the class, we watched a short video about the program, and then we got to dig in to our kits.  Set before each of us at a large conference table was a place mat with the Look Good...Feel Better logo, a small makeup mirror, sponges, and Q-tips.  We went through their "Twelve-Step Makeup Guide."

For each of the steps [Cleanser, Moisturizer, Concealer, Foundation,Powder, Blush, Eyebrows, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip liner and Lipstick], I received a product to try in class and take home!

Woo hoo!!  Girly girl was super happy playing with all that makeup!  Mine.  Mine.

After our makeovers, they had available a selection of wigs, hats and scarves to try on and take home one of each.  We were also given tips on wig selection, styling and care, and learned some creative ways to tie a scarf on thy bald or fuzzy head.

Since my girl Kimberly had already hooked me up with my red wig, several scarves, and some adorable hats made by her Mama, I didn't take any of these.  I sure enjoyed watching others find theirs.  Kimberly, tell Mama that the hats were a big hit!

I loved seeing a couple of the ladies head for home in their new hair and beautiful, happy smiles shining on their faces.

I only have the highest recommendation for this program, it was so fun and I loved all the fabulous products.  I also appreciated the care, attention and love put in by the volunteers who conducted my class today.  Thank you Ladies!

If you are a cancer patient, honey, you have to sign up for this, right away.  I recommend you do it early in your treatment, like right after you lose your hair and need a real pick-me-up.  I was actually signed up for a class earlier but could not go due to one of my many chemo glitches.

If you'd like more information, you can call 1-800-395-LOOK, visit, or call your local American Cancer Society Office.

Thank you American Cancer Society, Personal Care Products Council, and National Cosmetology Association!

You sure made this girl look good and feel better today.  Really.

Many thanks.

She clutches her makeup tote.

Hand over the makeup and nobody gets hurt.



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