Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You love me bad, don't you...

I hit the mail lotto today!  Pillows and cards and a book and a bookmarker and love love love.

I sure appreciate it, I know you are all worried about me, and I certainly love the extra TLC being sent my way.

You love me bad, don't you?  Aw shucks...

Thank you, muchas gracias, for all the love and prayers and good thoughts and encouragement and pep talks and hand holding and patting me!  And especially a card or letter in the mail, or a comment on the blog!

It means so much.

Along with the starlight in my pocket, I will be taking all of you with me.  You can't go the whole way.  I have to go to The Kingdom of Lost Breasts on my own.

It is a real comfort to know, when I wake up and come back from there, you will be waiting for me.

Thank you Chelsea Girl

She drifts off in a daydream,
remembering a classic Flopsy and Mopsy moment.

Remember the time you wrote a birthday card for Husband
using squeeze tube icing in all different pastel colors,

all over your naked body?

Flopsy and Mopsy were beautiful in all their glory that night,
covered in little edible hearts
and daisies
and flourishes.

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