Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving and Moving Towards Progress

I have been doing more and more with my arms, and I am very happy to tell you, completely off the Dilaudid.  I am very proud of that cause I can tell you, I see now how people can get addicted to pain killers.  I once read that when you are on them, your body keeps up the cycle of pain in order to keep getting the drug and baby, I believe that.  I occasionally take some ibuprofen if I need it, but have been working to stretch and move when my body tightens up or I'm in pain.

I am finding it easier to dress, easier to stretch out my left wing, and also push my shoulders down and back to loosen them up.  My right side still has some tenderness in that shoulder, but it is significantly better.  My left side still gets very tight and prickly, but massaging it, moving it, and stretching all really help.

I think the most significant change that kicked my healing into action was when I started getting more sleep.  It has been astounding to me the difference - with my pain, my attitude and generally how I feel.

For awhile my scars were still looking very angry, but since I started sleeping more, they are calming down and not pulling or burning as much. 

I really underestimated how sleep affects healing and attitude, and I am only sorry I didn't raise my hand sooner to get help for it.  I can't emphasize enough how important sleep and pooping are!  Really, I'm not kidding.  I feel as if my body systems are rebounding with small slow continuous progress, but PROGRESS!!!


I was surfing the Internet today, looking for local volunteer opportunities, and more upper body exercises.  I found both.

I did not realize the County I live in has its own volunteer website, and you can look through all the postings for organizations seeking volunteers.  I found three that really excited me.  One is for an assistant to the Hospital Chaplain, where you visit patients, pray with them, and/or facilitate a visit from someone of their particular religion.  The other was for a Toddler Story Time program at my local library, where you read stories to the wee ones.  The last was for a helper with Pet Therapy, where service animals are taken into the hospital and nursing homes and the patients can pet them and enjoy their company.  I am very excited about this, and will keep you posted.

I am a working dog, and when I ain't working, I am not fulfilling my purpose.  I can't wait to have somewhere to go a few hours each week.  PLEASE FEET COOPERATE WITH ME!

I also found a great little article on WebMD with exercises for after breast surgery.  Each exercise is explained, and an animated stick figure illustrates.  These exercises are very simple, and I did them all today and really loosened up my upper body and neck.

My favorites is the Hand Clap, so simple!  You do a jumping jack without the jumping, simply raising your hands above your head into a clap, and then down again.

This is a bonus move, as it gets the chi flowing in the room, and energizes you.  Give it a try, it really works, even if you haven't had breast surgery.

There was a hostess I used to work with, and whenever she worked, she always did this routine.  Every evening just prior to the dinner shift, she'd walk out into the dining room, rub her hands together and then clap several times, to get the positive energy flowing in the dining room.  I always got a kick out of that, and I don't know about the dining room, but it got my juices flowing.  Thank you Judy.

I had some good chi going today, thinking about the volunteer opportunities, and moving and stretching my body.

I looked awful cute today too, or so I thought, after getting dressed, putting some makeup on, and brushing my eyebrows!  I am noticing small changes in my skin and glow, and less puffiness in my face.  I saw a glimpse of me in the mirror today, and it felt really good.

Real good.

Hello Baby.  Good is on its way.  Good is on its way.  Give.  Move.  Love.  Good is on its way.


Anonymous said...

Relay for Life is always looking for committee members to do a variety of things. Just a suggestion. So glad your feeling better. Naniglenda

kim said...

You know I am also an advocate for Relay For Life. I know we could find a good fit for you if you are interested.

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