Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making a Habit of Adding Happiness to my Daily Diet

It requires a real commitment to yourself when you are going through a difficult health challenge or any life challenge, to invest in your own happiness every single day.  I lost track of that.  I've been so busy coping, I forgot to be joyful!

I am starting again, where I am, to make a habit of investing in my own happiness as part of my daily rituals.

Since my diagnosis, I've been more conscious about what I put into my body, eating more fruits and vegetables and fresh juices, adding Vitamin C, D3 and Omega 3.

After my surgery, I forgot about the nutrition for my brain and spirit.  I got so consumed with getting through each day, I forgot about making small steps, even baby ones, towards what makes me happy, content or joyful.

It is not easy when you are in pain, over tired, and not pooping.  Be grateful people if you are pooping everyday!

I am going to do at least three things each day, to invest in my happiness.

These are what usually do the trick for me.

Laughing, reading, playing the piano, taking a walk, baking something, sitting out in the yard with the dogs, writing a letter, organizing something, putting fresh flowers in the house, looking through one of my scrapbooks, watching a favorite movie, creating something, planting something.

It's not like my days lately have not had any joy in them, but it was joy that just came to me, like a doggie giving me a kiss, or spending time with my family.

That is not the same as SEEKING joy and happiness.  I haven't been doing that since I got home from the hospital, and that is almost three weeks now.  Whoa.

 I'm ready now.
I was reading a post tonight written by one of my Sisters on the NOS message board (Hello Valerie); she was talking about feeling lost and sad and difficulty coping.  It got me thinking, how could I start tonight?  What simple things could I do tonight to start feeling better?

I went to my library and wanted something simple and comforting.

There it is.

Charlotte's Web.

I'm going to read to me tonight.  I've unwrapped a candle I was saving for ? and placed it on my nightstand.  I've got my glass of iced green tea next to my bed.  I've got clean jammies on.  I've rubbed Shea butter all over, and I smell fresh.  I've got my rose water spritzer and I'm going to give my face a quick refreshing mist when I climb into bed.

Just like brushing my teeth and taking vitamins, getting exercise and watching what I eat, I need to plan my joy, and make it part of my daily habits to take good care of my body and spirit.

I've been neglecting Spirit lately, so busy listening to Body's complaints.  You have had more than your fair share Body.

It is Spirit's turn now.


Beneath the Eaves said...

Well said dear friend. I will start too thank you for the push I needed.I read your words "saving the candle for?" My husband's family has a saying "The good is for today". Meaning use the good china everyday and make each day special. Glad you used the candle.
Celebrate your amazing spirit.

Jill said...

Loved your post! Since cancer invaded my life, I don't ever "save" anything for a special occasion anymore. I figure every day is a special occasion. Enjoy!!!

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