Monday, November 8, 2010

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

I have to give a shout out to all my Sisters on the Network of Strength (NOS) message board.

You Ladies Rock!

I can't sing enough praises about what a gift you all are to me.

There are so many important aspects to a treatment and recovery plan for cancer, and let me tell you, very high on the list is connecting with those going through what you are going through.

The message boards are a huge source of real time wisdom, tips for dealing with the diagnosis, and often just a place to vent with women at all stages of treatment.  There are always several topics discussed that are of interest to me, and the information based on actual experience is so valuable.

There have been so many Sisters who have shown up to help me by writing me, offering me encouragement, checking on me, sending me cards or gifts and/or following my blog.

I usually check the boards every other day, sometimes every day just to get in on what's being discussed.

It's also a great opportunity to pay it forward by reaching out to someone newly diagnosed, like so many did for me.

I have Sisters in all parts of the country now, from all walks of life.  Amazing the spectrum of those of us with breast cancer, all ages, all races, so many Mothers, and so many young Mothers.

It's heartbreaking, and yet it's comforting to be among them.

I love the comments received on my blog, and the personal messages sent, especially when I've made someone laugh at what we go through as part of this cancer thang!

Thank You to all my Sisters, and hello to all the newbies who continue to find me, and members of my blog's "secret fan club!"

Thank you so very much.


Beneath the Eaves said...

Doctor's appointment on my agenda.
Your words and You Tube-great way to begin this day.

Jill Nogales said...

I completely agree! So glad we connected through NOS. You are a talented writer and a great source of both courage and encouragement to me. I see you hanging in there with an awesome attitude despite all you're going through and it makes me believe that I too can handle all the garbage cancer throws my way. You are amazing!

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