Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Dusted myself off today, shook out my chaps, emptied my drains, put on my Lil Orphan Annie wig, and belted out "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" as I got back in the saddle.

Hello Horsey.

Received an email from the Good Witch, she did receive the pathology report, and had a very busy schedule today and this evening, and would try for tomorrow.

I took a pre-emptive strike against my over thinking brain and made an appointment to see The Wizard tomorrow morning, instead of waiting till Monday.  I know the right drain can come out now, and it will give him a chance to take a look at me, and we can talk about the pathology report.  Maybe he'll even be able to take out the left drain, it is draining considerably less.

I know that before the drains are removed, they want them draining less than 30 cc over 24 hours.  Mopsy, the right breast, is barely at 5 for the day.  Flopsy girl, the left one, is still at about 40, but has significantly tapered off this evening.

Oh what a happy day if I can get both drains out tomorrow.

I am still on Vicodin every four hours, but down to 1 550 mg, instead of 2.

Yes I am on stool softeners, since surgery, but that has been dicey!

Generally I felt better today, although can barely raise my left wing more than a few inches away from my side.

My Sisters rallied with some great messages for me today; thank you Buffalo Soldier and thank you Dawn.

I had to laugh when in her message Dawn wisely said something to the effect,

"Wasn't the whole point of your chemo to hopefully shrink your tumor before surgery?"

I laughed out loud when I read that.  At myself.

No Baby.  I'm supposed to be cured!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Baby.  That's exactly what it was supposed to do and that was accomplished.  I don't know how my optimism got me so worked up that, fur shizl, I thought the Doc would say

"No more cancer.  It's a miracle!  It's all gone."

Can't blame a girl for trying, or crying, can you?

Yes Baby.  Thank you for reminding me of the realistic goal.  I'm sure both The Good Witch and The Wizard will do the same tomorrow.

The whole point of five months of chemo was to reduce the size of that 5 cm tumor.  Anything left would be given a right then left hook, with surgery then radiation.

Bam!  Five months of chemo.  Done.

Wham!  BLM with lymph node dissection.  Done.

I still have one powerful punch to go, when they light me up like a Chinese firecracker.

Hi-ya, take that, you bitch!  I ain't even close to being done with you.

[She whispers, How was that?  Did I scare off the cancer?  Did I look the devil in the eye and say BOO?"]

Nighty night, gotta get all saran wrapped for my shower.

I got a date with a Wizard in the morning.  He was so cute when he called at the end of the work day.  I explained why I was coming in tomorrow instead of Monday.

"I think it's a great idea," he said excitedly "and I was happy to see your name on my patient list for tomorrow."

Aw, gee thanks Doc.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Lady ~

I'm praying you will have both drains removed tomorrow. Tons of love, love, love coming your way.

Hugs and Kisses xoxox

masonmft said...

I totally forgot about all the shrinky dink goals. I was right with you going for the cure. I hope it was adios to both drains and all pains. xoxo

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