Thursday, December 9, 2010

Funky Tink

Sometimes I get whiny.

About the what ifs.

Not too often.

Just every now and then when I feel a little overwhelmed and scared.

Like when I'm in a vault, by myself, behind a 4,000 lb. door and beams of red light shoot across the ceiling and into me.

Sometimes I get whiny and wonder how I'm supposed to live my life after all of this is over and keep the cancer from coming back and what if...

Husband reminds me.  None of us was given any promise of how many days we have.  Not even you.

That's like slapping Tinkerbell.

The slap knocks the pout out of me and I remember he's right.

All of our days on Earth are numbered.

Not just mine.

Let me live each one the best I can.

How does a person do that?

Be yourself,


and do the math baby.

Do the math,

and eat as much lobster as possible.

Oh by the way, thank you Kimberly for that Tink ornament you and Mama bought while out shopping cause you said it reminded you both of me.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

Hey, wgd: This hit me hard - mainly because I live with someone who sees every moment as a fight, rather than an experience.

So glad you have a supportive guy at home :)

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