Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

Dogs dreaming in front of a crackling fire,
wrapping paper littering the floor like confetti after a parade,
candles flickering,
blessings overflowing.
We are all still here,
in this house we made a home,
on this foggy Christmas night.

I sip chamomile tea
from a cup that is half full.
I drink in all this sweetness and cream
that is my life tonight.
Peaceful and content,
how could I want or worry?
Love answered every question,
and erased every doubt.
It offered tranquility
if I could put the chaos out.

and so I did,
at first resistently.
and then I surrendered,
like Dorothy.

I got as small
and quiet
and awake as I could get.
I waited.
I listened.
I opened.

They say when God wants something done in this world,
He sends a baby,
and then,
He waits.

I've kept him waiting fifty two years.
I'm stubborn that way,
but I get it now.
There is nothing to get.
This is the plan.
There is no plan.

Other than,
get out of your own way,
and His.
Be yourself.
Tell your truth.

and Do all things with Love.

Go on.

If I can do it, you can too.

Go on now.  Go on.

and when my heart finds Christmas, I hope it finds you too.  Harry Connick, Jr. 


Jill said...

Just finished catching up on your posts. (I was way behind... about a week, I think). Loved every one of them. You are a wonderful writer, Debbie. And I am so pleased that you enjoyed a good Christmas.

writergirldreams said...

I missed you Jill. xoxo wgd

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