Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Little Drummer Boy

I think this has to be one of my favorite Christmas carols, the one about the boy who had no gifts fit for a King, and so he lovingly said "I will play my drum for you."

Sometimes we make things really complicated, don't we?  Running around, making ourselves crazy, looking for the perfect gifts, spending too much money, feeling pressured and before you know it, the buildup of the big day comes crashing down, and then it's gone.  And then we feel sad and empty, like something was lost and not found.

I think The Little Drummer Boy had the right idea.  I think the most beautiful gifts are often the simplest, and can't be bought in a store or ordered online.

Things like when someone makes you something, oh I love that.  I still have the little ceramic pieces both boys made me in 1st grade.  Little clay dishes made with stubby, clumsy fingers and so much love for their Mommy, fingerpainted then fired until shiny.

How bout when someone writes you something?  I love that too.  A letter, a letter, a letter in the mail!  And comments on my blog, yummy, like candy.

How bout when someone does something for no occasion or no reason, but just because they want to make you happy, see you smile, or surprise you?

How bout when someone says Thank you?  Thank you is good.  Especially when it's a thank you for something someone said or did, and exponentially when it's anonymous.  This year, I am slipping thank you notes in the mailboxes of people I don't know, to say thank you for all the love and care put into outside decorations.  I'm a fool for people that go crazy with that.  I love it.

There are so many ways to be giving and charitable, and so many opportunities to practice.  One of the simplest is to just say something nice, or not say it if it's not nice.  I learned that in kindergarten.

Sometimes the best gift is listening.  Sometimes it's just being there.  Sometimes it's a phone call or little message to say "I miss you.  I'm thinking about you."

If every Christmas you get your panties all up your booty with worry and stress and trying to achieve that perfect holiday, maybe you need a reminder of what Christmas is all about.

It's not what's found under the tree, or inside a stocking and won't sell out this year at Best Buy or Walmart.

Christmas is an open hand, and a forgiving heart.  Christmas is placing you before me.  Christmas is your gratitude spilling out of you and letting it flow where it's needed most, especially by those that can never repay you.

Christmas is the greatest love coming in the smallest package, and it's a way of grateful, joyous living, every day, come what may, and not just the 25th of December.

I'm humming my favorite Carol tonight, and thinking about what it means to me, especially this Christmas.

It's what I've been trying to do, despite this cancer diagnosis, despite this challenging treatment and recovery, despite so much uncertainty.

To live the gift of each new day in a way that serves and pleases Him.

I want to play my best for Him.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful and meaningful. You said it.

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, I posted twice. I forgot you have to review/approve before it shows up. Thought I made a mistake. Anyway, really enjoying your blog!

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