Monday, December 27, 2010

More Stuff Learned at Cancer Camp

I opened a card today, and snowflakes fell out, sent all the way from Idaho, just for me.

I'd like to send her some California sunshine, but we haven't had enough to fill an envelope lately, mostly fog and rain.  There were though some beautiful spider webs this morning, suspended on the lanterns that line our front path, delicate and lacy and shimmering with dew.  I'd send one of those if I could, but removing it and wrapping it would be pointless, destroying all its intricate majesty and mystery.

Some things are so fragile yet so profound; they are not meant to be handled or kept.  You have to enjoy them in the moment, right now, in all their glory and with an open hand, and you mustn't cry at their impermanence.

Trying to hold on to anything in this life or on this Earth would be like trying to wrap up and mail that dewy spider web to Idaho, or blowing on a dandelion then trying to collect all the fuzzy seeds and glue them back on into a puffy ball.

Your life is as fragile as that,
and as majestic too.
Can you find a way to be at peace with that?

That's the stuff I'm still learning here at Cancer Camp.


pinkkitchen said...

Yep. Atta girl! Enjoy each little thing along the way. And rest. You deserve it.

Jill said...

The spider webs sound beautiful!

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