Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ah Choo!

That sore throat of mine?

The one we were keeping an eye on as a possible radiation side effect?

It's a cold.

A regular old run of the mill winter cold.

No big deal.

I kinda like it.

Makes me feel normal.

I got a cold.

A regular old run of the mill cold.

Ah choo!

Bless me.


rochambeau said...

Dear Wintergirl,
It made me heart smile to find your words grace my life.
Sorry it has taken awhile to get back to you.
For Wintergirl:
May this be the year of healing and perfect well being~ May you be amazed by the wondrous miracles big and small. I am thinking of you!!
I found you through Debra. I am thinking of Debra too~~


May 2011 be the year of amazing and beautiful change!

rochambeau said...

Hope your cold is much better!

rochambeau said...

Dear Writer girl,
I called you winter girl.
I'm a winter girl and have some problems reading.
I'm adding your link to mine and this is how I caught my mistake.

writergirldreams said...

Constance, you are funny girl, thank you for the comment bonanza, that was fun. When I finish blogging related to my breast cancer, I'd like to turn this blog into what I had originally intended, just a day in the life kind of thing, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Your blog is a huge inspiration. I'm glad we found each other through Debra. She will always have a special place in my heart. hugs girl! wgd

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