Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Your Radiated Skin and Body, Baby

It's a week after finishing radiation, and although the pain and burning is better, I am still tending it like a newborn.

I did try the Lindi cream, but my skin is still too sensitive and although it moisturized the areas I applied it to, it stung.  I would recommend the Lindi cream during chemo, when extreme dryness of the skin, especially the face, is a huge side effect.  During radiation, Miaderm was great, but at this point while my skin is still really reacting, Aquaphor has worked the best to sooth my skin, moisturize, and calm the burn.

I slather it on like butter cream frosting, and then put on a very soft cotton, loose fitting shirt.  It's messy but it feels good.  This also works great on your feet, if they are dry or your heels are cracking.  Slather on the Aquaphor all over your feet before bed, put some socks on, and you won't believe your feet in the morning.  Same principle for the radiation burns.

I continue to take ibuprofen for the discomfort, today a bit more cause I'm so sore from the fall yesterday.  I don't think I've taken a fall like that since I was a kid.  I have aches to keep my aches company.

Just as a reminder, be very gentle with your skin during and especially AFTER radiation.  I was so surprised how my skin continued to react in the days after treatment was finished.

No hot baths.  No extreme temperatures.
Wear loose fitting clothing.
Moisturize, very gently, with Miaderm and/or Aquaphor throughout the day.  I apply a generous amount each time, and a little extra at night.
Don't forget your neck, under your arm, under your breast, and your shoulder if you have been instructed to do so.  Part of my treatment did have a beam that exited out my shoulder; this is common.
Try not to scratch your skin, even when it feels really itchy.
A cool damp washcloth really helps relieve the burning.
Stay very hydrated, it's like moisturizing from the inside.
Rest.  Rest often.
Do not use any lotions, creams or perfumes on your radiated areas.
Use a very mild soap, like Dove, or none at all.  I have found a cool shower really helps relieve my skin's discomfort, and I only vigorously soap up other parts of my body, not the radiated parts.
Use your hand to wash your radiated parts, even a washcloth can be too rough.

It's so exciting to be done with treatment, but even a week later, the care for my radiated areas continues.

I didn't walk today.  I was too sore from yesterday.  I'll get back on the horsey tomorrow.  On flat ground.  Muffinless.

One other thing, I made a special trip to Whole Foods market to purchase Nutiva Coconut Oil, and Coconut Manna.  I've included a link about these.

I no longer use soybean oil, canola, vegetable oil, or any other highly processed oil.  I also don't use margarine or any butter substitute.

This is it for me -

Olive Oil.
Coconut Oil.
In moderation, at the top of the pyramid.  The base of my food pyramid is now fruits and vegetables.

Eat as many one ingredient foods as you can.  I am already seeing and feeling the difference in my skin, hair, nails, and healthy glow.

Not that glow!

Glow Girl has been reassigned to the witness protection program and now lives a quiet life somewhere in the Bay area with her Husband and two sons.

Her BEAM ON days are over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie,

My wife used a prescription cream called Biafine, a burn cream in use for 25 years, to treat her skin during and after a course of radiation therapy. She had great success with it. She shared it with several other friends whose doctors had not offered it, and they also benefited. Your doctor may have samples if you want to try it.

-Bill G. in Santa Clara

writergirldreams said...

Thank you very kindly Bill, I will ask about it. My best to you and your wife. Thank you for commenting. It is most appreciated. wgd

Jill said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Be sure to be extra good to yourself. Big hugs!

rochambeau said...

Dear wgd,
Thankfully this is OVERwith AND YOU are on the road!
With continue to think of you and your brave heart.


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