Monday, January 10, 2011


Boost number one of five today.  Flopsy wouldn't behave.  Dr. Lotus had to come and help.  She's like that, not Dr. Lotus.  Flopsy.  Doesn't want to mind.  She is ready to be done.

Me too.

Ready to be done.

and ready for the parade Midge will be throwing for me in the Los Angeles area.  If you live near there, maybe you could go.  Knowing Midge, there will be fireworks and everything.  Lots and lots of fireworks.

They couldn't get the tape to stick today.  The tape that holds Flopsy down.  Wouldn't stick to my skin today.

I think it was the bath fizz.  My skin was so moist and sweet and lush, nuthin would stick to it, so they ace bandaged Flopsy up.

I didn't tell em about the bath fizz as they puzzled over why the tape wouldn't stick today.

No word yet on when the CT scan will be scheduled.  I guess I'll have to call tomorrow.

Did you have a good day?  How is your New Year so far?

Are you making each day count, or just counting the days?

I bought a cool air humidifier for my room, and it has a blue light that gives the coolest glow, as if a tiny pool is reflecting on my ceiling.  Wow.  That and the orange glow from my Himalayan salt crystal lamp are so calming, and the air in this room is like crisp clean mountain air.  Whoa.  I can breathe.  I can think.

I am content.

I set off the damn shoplifter's alarm in Barnes and Noble today.  Husband thinks it was the radiation boost.

Yikes baby.

Stick a fork in me.

Am I done?

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