Friday, January 21, 2011

If A Lady Falls in the Forest...

I don't know if you could hear me on the video, but yes, Muffy and I took a big fall today, and almost rolled down a hill like a big pink snowball.  I can't even really tell you how it happened.  It was a complete surprise.

I live in a neighborhood that weaves in and out of canyons of eucalyptus, right next to a large strait of water.  I took Muffy with me today, and decided to go the back way on a trail I haven't been on, but I knew it dumped out across the street from the marina.

The eucalyptus trees are dense and tall, the trail completely shaded.  It's so quiet in there, the sound of my footsteps and her paw steps were like the crunching in a Doritos commercial.  Muffy was a little spooked.

Right before I fell, there was a creaking sound and something hitting the ground, like a large branch had fallen.  Muffy darted, I looked left, and the next thing I know, I was going down on my right side.  My foot wasn't there.

I hit hard, breaking my fall with my right hand and right hip.  For a minute, since we were on a decline and I fell with such momentum, I thought we might roll down the hill, pink sweater over pink sweater.

We didn't.

I sat there a minute, humbled like Humpty Dumpty, and Muffy jumped in my lap like Humpty Dumpty's puppy.

"Shit" I said out loud, disturbing the grace under hundred year old trees.  Muffin looked up at me as if to say "Are we resting Mama?  Can we go now?  This place is scary, and I got my sweater dirty."

I brushed myself off and got all the leaves and stickers off of Muffy's fur and sweater, and we were on our way again.  The hill leveled off and we walked into the sunshine next to a creek, and that's where I shot the video from my phone, not long after the fall.

Thank goodness Batman came to my rescue again, well not right away.  He was helping a friend, but would give me a ride up our hill when he was done.

Muffin and I had some time to kill.  We went to the marina, and relaxed under palm trees in the incredible weather we've had this week.  We watched ducks land on their butts, skidding across the surface of sparkling water.  Then we dropped in at my lab to say hello to my Lab Lady.  Hello Lady.  That was fun today, coming to visit you and not even getting poked!!  Thank you for the cool drink for both of us, and a place to rest until son number one came to take Mama home.

Body aches tonight.
Ego is bruised.

Fall seven times, stand up eight.  Japanese proverb

I'm getting pretty good at the getting up after the fall.

Practice makes perfect.

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