Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sneaky Ass Radiation, and Stubborn Donkeygirl Rides Again

First of all, let me say, I look like a damn gnome in my end of treatment photo.  Second of all, remember that wish I made for no more thorns, just roses?

Uh duh?


Hello girl.

Who ever heard of roses without thorns?  They just don't make em that way.  That's why they're such a good metaphor.

Third of all, hi, how you doing?  You still with me?  How bout my secret fan club?

Well, just when I was getting all cocky about finishing radiation, and how well I did, and how well my skin held out,

ouch.  ouch.  ouch.

Did you know some people don't really experience their skin crying uncle until after treatment is over?


My arm pit is peeling and raw, and so so tender.  My poor little Flopsy's nipple turned white as a turnip, and looked like she might shrivel up and die.  I mean no color, no color whatsoever.  You ever seen an albino nipple?  Oh geez, is that PC?

Yesterday I called to talk to the radiation nurse and tell her HELP!  She said she'd tell Dr. Lotus all my stuff and then call me back.  She did, and I was scheduled to see Dr. Lotus today.

I felt a little stupid already back in there when I only finished last Friday.


It's me.

My armpit is on fire and my nipple needs CPR.  Can you help?

Dr. Lotus came in the exam room and reassured me this was not out of the range of normal. She was glad I called, and made sure to emphasize that I should never hesitate to call.  I have to admit, I was happy to see her.  I didn't get to see her my last day of treatment so in a weird way, I was happy I was there.

She checked everything out, and I told her about what I'd been experiencing.

Lots of burning.  Lots of redness.  Itchiness.  Tenderness.  Pain.  Peeling.  Browning up.  Oozing.  and this nipple, will you look at this nipple Doc?

After the Wizard worked so hard to save Flopsy's nipple, I got a little worried there about her.

Dr. Lotus listened, reassured, and left for a moment to get me some things to help.  One of the things I will be trying, they just received some samples, is a cooling gel, and a lotion, called Lindi cream.


Dr. didn't think I needed a prescription at this point, and wanted me to try the Lindi samples, and give her feedback.  I heard mention of Lindi cream on the NOS message board, where all my lovely Sisters and I cyberchat about issues relating to breast cancer.  [I've come back in to this post to edit this mention.  The Network of Strength "NOS" website has returned to its original name of "Y-me."  Here is the link below.  Of all the breast cancer message boards, this one is by far the best, with a community of supporting, caring, funny, responsive women.]


I told Dr. Lotus about my big walk over the weekend, and she looked at me like "Are you crazy?  What about resting and giving yourself time to heal did you not get?"  Well, she didn't say any of that, but it was all over her face.

I don't know, I just feel like, ok, I finished treatment, time to whip my ass into shape and get back to work.  I talked to her about feeling as if I needed to give my job an update on where I am, and Dr. Lotus said she'd be happy to write a letter.

She usually recommends her radiation patients take at least 6-8 weeks off work following completion of radiation treatments, and that doesn't even count the fact that I had a very lengthy course of chemo and BLM prior to radiation.

She really made me laugh when she said "Maybe, I really need to be writing the letter to you..."

I laughed so hard, and so did she.

In other words,

settle your ass down writergirl, you aren't recovering from a cold here baby, you've just finished nine grueling months of cancer treatment, your body still has some substantial side effects and you need to chill, heal and



My bad.

Therefore, I will be RELENTLESS in my commitment to rest and heal and let things unfold, as they will.

Ouch.  Dang.  My armpit and booby hurts.

Beware that sneaky ass radiation.  Just when you think you're home free,

BAM.  You ain't all that stubborn girl.

Ok, my Body.

I'm listening.

I give.

Deep breath.


Anonymous said...

Secret Fan Club - Check...I'm still here! Walking through with you all the way. F&H

writergirldreams said...

LOL, F&H, thanks for holding up the fort at my secret fan club! wgd

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