Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sometimes The Little Things Are The Big Things

After they got me all in position today, they said "Would you like the lights out?"

Yes she said, smiling that they remembered.

As I lay there with the lights out, taking in all the radiation vault ambiance, I wondered how come nobody ever told me I could have the lights out, weeks ago?

This small adjustment made a big difference for me in receiving treatment.

This is one of the most important things I've learned during this cancer gig.  You have to look out for you.  You have to speak out about your comfort.  They have spent billions of dollars perfecting the treatment, and not a whole lot on how to make it more comfortable and as stress free as possible for the patient.

Sometimes it's the smallest things that make a huge difference.

I plan on writing a letter to The Good Witch, and Dr. Lotus, at the end of my treatment, to tell them about some of those things.  Maybe someone after me will have it a little better because of a suggestion I made.

Here's an example.

I think it's great how they have a blanket warmer in the radiation department, for those few minutes we wait to receive radiation treatment.  I wondered though why they don't have one in chemo, where a warm blanket would have been a real comfort during the hours patients spend in a chemo chair, and for a treatment that is far more intrusive.

I also plan on writing the CEO of the hospital where I received my mammogram.  I don't know if he realizes the circuitous route a woman is placed on after an abnormal mammogram.  Nobody should have to wait two weeks to receive a cancer diagnosis, not when we have the technology to do it within a couple of days.  They should have one standard protocol as soon as an abnormal mammogram film is read, and in their lingo, it should be done STAT. 

I am so thankful and grateful for the good good care I've received these last months.

I hope I can help make it even better for some bunny else.


Beneath the Eaves said...

Your words can help so many. May they be a blessed catalyst for change for patient care.
Your words have touched my life on the other side of the country. Now I can only pray they will help many more.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff Sis....part of the problem is that people always think it is just the way it is....well it doesn't have to be. The other part of the problem is that people don't take action to make important changes like these and sometimes it just takes a determined soul to make a difference...that's you Sis! Love you! Your brother Donny

writergirldreams said...

Hi there Girl, "may they be a blessed catalyst for change." Yes. Amen. Thank you.

Well now, hello little bro, don't you know your blog name is Ronny, not Donny! Yes brother, a determined soul, that is me, your big sis, just trying to make a difference. I hope I can.

love me, wgd

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