Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As they grew up, most of their childhood toys were donated, or given away to friends.

Some things, from when they were little boys, I could not let go of.

This was one.

A castle, given to eldest son, then passed down by him to his little brother.

All kinds of wishes and dreams and fables were told about this castle.

Magical creatures thrived here in this tiny kingdom.

Unicorns and dragons and fairies.

I remember there was always a princess, and my boys always gave her blond hair like Mommy, and there was a prince with a shield and a sword.

I set the castle out in the garden, next to the gurgling jar fountain.  The snow-in-summer plant invaded, reminding me of Sleeping Beauty when a forest of briar guarded a sleeping kingdom.

What does this have to do with breast cancer, you ask?

It's just that sometimes, you need touchstones to remind you, that you are still you,

of the life you once led,

once upon a time,

long before anybody ever said to you,

You have cancer.

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Jill said...

I love the castle with the blond-haired princess! You are so right -- touchstones are good for us. They're part of that trail of crumbs that leads us back home where we belong.

Thanks for ordering my book. We'll get it signed one way or another. :)

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