Sunday, January 9, 2011

Writer's Block, The Sequel

Just kidding.  Robin was here on my bed and I'll do just about anything to make that kid laugh.  He got a kick out of it tonight when he saw I took him seriously and last night's post was really titled "Writer's Block" and I didn't write anything.  I have often thought he should write a post or two here, that kid is hysterical.

I was talking to him tonight, and asked him to tell me something he's learned since his Mama was diagnosed with breast cancer.

He thought about it a minute, I could see the wheels turning, and he got a very thoughtful look on his face.

"Uh, there are a lot more chores to do?"

I almost fell off the bed.

You wouldn't believe how good I smell right now.  Like raspberry and vanilla and cream.  I just got out of a warm candlelit bath, made fabulous by two things, a floating ducky, and this amazing bath fizz that turns the water pink and makes you smell like a candy dream.  Both were presents from Midge.

Thank you Midge.  I keep smelling my arms.  Yum.

Oh and thank you Nani for your reassurances that this is still a blog, even when I don't have anything to say.

So, in the home stretch here, this last week of radiation boosts should be eazy peazy, it's the CT scan with contrast I'm anxious about.  Pray for a nice vein for me, and that Wayne is there in radiation whenever they schedule me.  Good ol Wayne, I hope he's my guy.  He knows how to talk to me, and got me through a few different procedures back in the day of chemo and the failing ports.

Chemo and The Failing Ports.  Sounds like an alternative band you'd hear at some cafe in Portland.  You ever been to Portland?  I think I may have told you about when Midge and I went there for a weekend and looked like a couple of hookers walking the streets, in all our makeup and big hair.  The LOOK up there is Au naturel with lots of tattoos.  That's how the chicks roll in Portland.

I hope that CT scan doesn't find anything, but I sure would like to know what's happening on the right side of my body.  Sumpthin ain't right.

Soon enough it will be time to schedule my follow-up appointment with my surgeon, The Wizard.  He wanted to see me after I complete radiation.  True North, my plastic surgeon, should be back from maternity leave sometime in February.  I need to find out when.

M-m-m-m-m.  Raspberry vanilla cream. 

I wish you could smell me.

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Beneath the Eaves said...

Keeping you in my thought and prayers kiddo. I am praying it is clear sailing.

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