Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jumpin Jack Flash

Well, it's official, I am having a daily hot flash.

Oh boy, isn't this fun?

So far, hot flash lift off always starts the same for me.

I feel my cheeks get very hot.
Not those cheeks silly, these, up here!
My cheeks on my face get hot, and ring around the rosy red.
The heat moves down into my neck area and upper chest, and my forehead perspires.

It lasts about twenty minutes, till all systems cool down.  I knew not having a period anymore was too good to be true.  There's always gotta be a catch.

Wanna know what helps put out this girl's fire?

It's my new favorite.  Flavored coconut water.  Uh huh.  Its good.  100% natural coconut water with pureed fruit flavors, like acai and pomegranate.

Very refreshing and full of potassium.

I'm thinkin, if this tropical heat wave really gets out of control, my back up plan will be a Vitacoco Cosmo, shaken, and poured into a frosted martini glass.  Acai, pomegranate and vodka.  See, antioxidants can be fun!

All I need is the little pink umbrella.


No more pink.

How bout purple?


Anonymous said...

Girl - talk to me about those hot flashes!!!!!!! I was already about 5 years into periomenopause and having what I thought were hot flashes before chemo. Then after starting chemo, the hot flashes now just throw me to the floor and stomp my ass constantly!!!!!! If I'd only known!!! Now they come on constantly, off and on, and I am constantly turning the ceiling fan on/off, putting my tobagan on/off and at night wrappping up/unwrapping. I am nearly a CRAZED person over this (and hubby's along for the trip) and it's not over YET!!!!! Like I said before - chemo's such an adventure and the fact that not being given a timeline as to when this shit will stop - God have mercy on us ALL!!!!!!!!!!


writergirldreams said...

Well hello my little peanut buttercup, preaching to the choir I was, eh? We used to do an old cheer, beat em stomp em that's our custom, hell, that's what the flashes say to us now, like a damn rival cheerleading squad of mean mean girls. Oh yes, blankets on, blankets off, nightgown on, nightgown off, come on, sing along with me, I enjoy being a girl... Hugs sweetie! Oh one more thing, as to when this shit will stop, WHEN THEY FIND THE DAMN CURE. AMEN. wgd

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