Friday, March 11, 2011

Aunt Debbie

I tried to keep busy today, cause if my hands are moving, my brain gets involved.  That's how I distract myself.  Not easy though.  Lemme tell you.

Inside my head, there is a little girl running around crazy and wild and frightened.  She is locking all the doors and closing the shutters, turning on all the lights, checking the closets and under the bed, and then she crawls in, deep deep under the covers and waits, hugging a teddy bear and a pink lamb.

I used to whisper this simple prayer.

Let no bad happen.

Now I say,

Let no more bad happen.

My Sisters gathered around me on the message board today, lifted my name up in prayer and used my "there there now" on me.  I love you Sisters.  They wait with me.  They know about the agony of the wait, how it is worse than whatever the answer.

You are silent, dear reader.  No comments the last couple days.  You afraid baby?

Me too.  It's ok.

My sweet nephew Wolfie sent me this photo, with a text that said "You're on my fraternity's prayer wall.  LOVE YOU."

See?  That's me.  I am Aunt Debbie.

That's me.


Deborah said...

Even if there are no comments, I am reading and I am sure others are too. I am praying for you too Namesake.

writergirldreams said...

Hi Deborah, I'm sure you found my comment on your blog. Thank you for breaking the silence of a couple days with no comments! I was so lonely!

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