Monday, March 28, 2011


So I had the big appointment today, the one that got me about one inch closer to answers I've been looking for since the first of the month.

The good news is I understand why this Lady, the gynecologist, is so popular.  She has a great personality, and instantly makes you feel as if she is listening, she cares, and she's going to take care of business.

The reality is no Doctor can take care of business if they don't have a cracker jack staff.  I think it would be easier to get in to see the President than her, and she must have an incredible patient load if her overflowing waiting room is any indication.  Today Husband and I waited almost an hour to see her, in a cramped waiting room filled with expectant mommies.

I waited a whole week just to have about fifteen minutes with her, obviously anxious and behind like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, just to have her tell me "Let's get you on my surgical schedule."

No shit.

This is where I'm at right about now folks.  I'm too far in to change horses in the middle of the stream and when I DO HAVE my hysteroscopy, I'm sure she'll do a fine job.  Once all a dat is done, I'm done.  I don't have any intention on staying a patient of that practice.  I know the Good Witch thinks the world of her, but obviously is not aware how poorly her office is run.

I understand how difficult it is these days for Doctors to cover their overhead and outrageous malpractice insurance, especially given the piddly amounts the greedy insurance companies pay them.  I understand they have to overbook to keep afloat.  I understand my Doctor is not my therapist, my Mommy, or my friend.

I am just at a point, in my life, and with my health, that I want things done in a timely and efficient fashion, I want consideration and respect, and I have no tolerance for poor customer service.

Not to mention, I've just spent a year in the fight of my life, and I am one CMBB (Cranky, Menopausal, Boobless Bitch).

Any questions?

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