Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don't Look

A Sister got her port in today, and starts her chemo next Tuesday.  I reminded her about applying the lidocaine cream to numb the skin over the port, and don't look when they access it.

She assured me she knew, and wasn't planning on looking, since she had already read my blog post describing the needle that fits into the port as a fish hook.

Oh dear.  Poor baby.  I wish I could be there, I would sit with you and keep you company while you are tied to the chair and the magnificent poison pours into your tender heart.  I remembered my usual chemo snack of almonds, a banana and dark chocolate covered blueberries.  Thinking about it now and imagining myself in the green vinyl chemo chair just produced a metallic taste in my mouth.

Oh the brain and thoughts and memories are powerful, ain't they?

315 posts.  That's how many I've written.  Before you know it, it will be Mother's Day again, and I will have accomplished my goal to write daily for one year in the life of a cancer patient.  Hard to believe I am only one month away from the one year anniversary of my diagnosis.

I hope the drama runs out before the Ativan does.

1 comment:

Jane said...

How can we "fall in love" with someone we only know by what they write? Cause Baby...I'm Falling!!
I keep truing to decide if I should bring the Crap,junk food I eat too much of to chemo in the hopes I will never want to eat it again, or healthy, protien things I might actually be able to eat...decisions, decisions! Please don't stop writing when Mother's Day arrives...I might not make you write every day, but please don't stop.

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