Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Higher Math

Re-planted pots on the front step, cheerful pansy faces, lemon balm and pineapple sage.
The mister setting on the hose, soft rain on spring flowers.
A glass container of tea brews and glistens amber in the afternoon sun.
Doves return to the front yard, every morning, every afternoon.
Petite hands that look like my Mother's stretching for notes on the piano.
Melodies I wrote like a lullaby for me, played over and over again.
A poodle out of her sweater, running around crazy naked.
Two big dog sisters, both heads in my lap, needing snout kisses from Mommy.
Three dedicated lady finches, nesting eggs that will never hatch.  I need to find them a man.
A thirteen year old son who still pats me when he gets in the car after school and asks "How was your day?" and really wants to know.
A Husband who gets pouty if he comes home and I'm not there.
A "grown-ass man" son who still texts ahead to find out what's for dinner.
A most amazing breakfast with a most amazing friend, a spiritual touchstone for me, with hollandaise.
An email from a friend who loves me and hopes we come to visit and is already fluffing pillows in the guest room.
Telling a friend who really needs a friend right now to write down 25 things he is very grateful for, and his Number 23 is an In-N-Out burger.

Maybe the trick in life is all about the right accounting,
recount what's worth counting,
and let go all the rest.

How could I change one thing, knowing it would change everything?
How good life is when you count the good, and stop anticipating the bad that may never happen.

Wouldn't take nothing for my journey now.  Maya Angelou


Deborah said...

Hi Namesake, I enjoyed your post today. Such a sweet family you have and so caring. An ordinary day for you but yet so special the way you describe it.

Mollye said...

Oh little sister, I knew there was a profound reason I stopped by here before anywhere else. Your quirky but simple little words are just what it takes for me to smile, get my butt in gear and go for the day ahead of me with gusto. thankee little lady, your sister friend, Mollye

Anonymous said...

You are so right.
I myself am living by; " you are never given a trial or problem without a gift in its hands"
It's amazing the gifts that I have that I never saw before!

Anonymous said...


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