Thursday, March 17, 2011

Would You Like Whipped Cream on That? Uh huh.

T'aint easy keeping a stiff upper lip.  Not at all.  Not easy showing up for your life, every day, every single day, ready for whatever it presents to you.  Not always easy being present.

I am awake now.  This is the blessing and the curse and the blessing of being awake and accounted for.

You feel things.  You don't numb yourself to them.

You let yourself feel things and think things and see things as they are.  When life calls roll, you raise your hand and say "Here."

After the events of the last week, and then going to physical therapy this morning, when I got home I had a huge physical letdown.  My body relaxed every tense muscle, my shoulders dropped back into place, my neck felt longer.  I feel so sore and achy.  I feel exhausted, like I spent way too much time in the hot tub, without even going in.

Worry and the what ifs are useless, I know this.  Does that stop me from having a brain that works like an actuary, constantly calculating risk?  Hell no.  What helps me though is to continue my practice of seeking balance and peace.  Every time I feel the machine revving up, I head towards what calms me, centers me, reconnects me to spaciousness.

I won't tell you I'm not tired of all this, cause I am, and I ain't outta the woods yet.

Truth is baby, if you are alive, you in the woods too.  You in some kind of woods too.

Every morning
there are people,
perfectly healthy people,
who wake up
not realizing
this is their last day.

You in some kind of woods too baby.  Do sumpthin.

Ask yourself
what would you have done differently
if today
had been your last day?

1 comment:

Mollye said...

Oh Yes.....Great question. Maybe I would want to love more and smile more and be sure to be more grateful and get outside and get my toes dirty even if I don't have the stamina to stay out working for hours, even if it is only minutes, the feeling is the same. If I had the option of sitting and watching TV or moving around I'd choose moving because you never know what your eyes light on that will inspire something magical that you would have otherwise missed. Blessings to you sweet girl, Mollye

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