Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writergirl, Please Report to the Principal's Office, Again

I have placed myself on a well deserved time out today.  Golly gee whiz, I sure have been whiny lately.  I never was good at the waiting, or surprises.  Even the good surprises!  I am such a little creature of habit.  And as you may have observed, some a these habits are not good.  This is how it is for me - it is not the information I fear.  It is the not knowing!  It is the waiting.  I am a doer.  Give me the 4-1-1 and let me get to work, TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO!  Oh dear what a lesson in what I need to work on, ever since this whole who-dee-doo with my uterus started, and the delays in getting answers!

I have spent the last week in a log jam of epic proportions, and let me tell you for your future reference if you are pondering such a log jam yourself, IT DIDN'T DO ME A DAMN BIT A GOOD AND WASTED A PERFECTLY PRECIOUS WEEK.

Mother May I, get a do over please?

No you may not.

Sometimes I have this dilemma about the blog and transparency.  Not so much when I am teaching or inspiring hopefulness or offering practical tips for Cancer Camp.  Very much so when I am stumbling.  Sometimes I am talking to you, but sometimes I need to talk to me.  I have come to feel a deep sense of responsibility to you, especially the Newbies!!  Oh dear, I am so sorry when I am not a pillar of strength and hopefulness and sunshine!

On da other hand, this is my typical take care of everyone else behavior.  One of my favorite posts was "It's Not My Job to Blow Sunshine Up Your Ass" and I often need to remind myself of this.  Maybe you still learn something even when I'm stuck.  Like "See this?  Don't do this, CAUSE IT DON'T WORK."

Your Honor, in my defense, most of life is the showing up, right?
Please write on the chalkboard 100 times -

I was a man riding an ox looking for an ox to ride.

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Damselfly said...

Having just done the uterus thing, let me know if I can be of help, though I know the situations are not exactly the same. Mine was "suspect" but the post-op biopsy was OK. (And I did the ultrasound thing with a GUY. He handed me the "thing" and said to let him know when I had it in. Urgh. Then he made me steer. THAT was hard, since the riculousness of it had me laughing.)

And if I was your principal, I'd give you gold stars and free day off. You are on the honor roll for sticking to this year long project. Hands together, I bow to you. (And the self-publishing thing could be a very interesting option...)

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