Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blue Plate Special

I felt like a housewife from the 50's today.  Our dishwasher is out of order so I washed a full sink of dishes by hand, stacking them to dry on a towel on the kitchen counter.  I mixed meatloaf, folding in snippets of fresh herbs I added from the garden.  I stood at the sink peeling potatoes, and after they were boiled I mashed them with hot milk and butter.

My companions today were our three girls, and two hot dog boy house guests.

You haven't lived till you've hung out with five dogs in one house.  If I was in the kitchen, they were in the kitchen.  If I was on the patio, they were on the patio.  If I was sitting on the couch, they were laying underfoot and in my lap.  "Look at all these doggies" I thought so many times today, and felt happy in their pack.

My day was simple and good.  Lots of quiet, content moments.

A scrub jay bathed in the backyard fountain this morning, while a robin waited his turn nearby.

Our resident squirrel ran along the top of the fence that encloses our yard, his own Squirrel Main Street.

A yellow and black butterfly floated over the lawn, then over sunbathing dogs, and for a moment as I held my breath, almost came to rest on a dachshund's snout.

A nap.
Five dogs lined up for a treat.
A catalog in the mail.
Comfort food for dinner.

I sipped a cup of Chai as in a Japanese tea ceremony, reflecting on a day spare of tension or drama, instead overflowing with simplicity and the ordinary.

It's where I always find my sacred.


Starfish said...

Why don't you live closer?
You'd be a great tea-buddy :)

Mimi said...

Amen for days like this!

Hugs & love,

rochambeau said...

Sacred Ordinary!!
Plus five wiener doggies!!


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