Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brother Bears

From the minute I found out I was going to become a Mama, my brain instantly took on a whole other consciousness, and started worrying about my children.  It started when I was pregnant, thinking about the wee little baby growing inside me, would he be healthy and have ten little fingers and toes and ...

When they became toddlers, I worried about keeping them safe and healthy and being a good teacher for all the important learning they would need to do.  When they went off to school, I worried would they have friends and do well in school and love learning.  With each new passage of my boys lives came a new and built in Mama worry for me.  So many things, will they always be loved, find a great partner, achieve some dreams, learn from failures, take risks, keep going, love their lives, keep things simple, be kind, do good, have a few really good friends, find faith, and the list goes on and on.

As my boys got older, and as I got older too and especially after my cancer diagnosis, a new worry was added and became prominent in my Mother Brain.

Will they be ok without me someday?

Little things happen all the time that ease my mind.  Seeing how they handled everything regarding my diagnosis and treatment, how they stick together, and look out for each other.  I'd like to share this one with you.   I can thank (and I did) Batman's girl BabyBear, who took this with her phone while they were all on the bus, and thoughtfully sent it to me via text.

Big Bro fussing over his Little Bro's Fro

I am so blessed, every day in every way by these boys, and continually touched by their love for each other.  I hope they will always know how very much their Mama loves them, and nothing, nothing, will ever change that.

Even when I am not around anymore.


Dear Reader, I am so behind on your wonderful comments!!!  Give me a day or two and check back and you will see my replies on prior posts.  Thank you so much for your incredible support!  love.  love.  love.

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Mimi said...

Lovely, simply lovely.

Hugs & love,

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