Monday, April 18, 2011

but what do I do with all this melted butter...

My boy Robin took this photo at Disneyland, and I thank you Son, for this great metaphor you shared with Mama.

That's just how life is sometimes.
Sometimes the corn is not available.
It may be at some future date, but you can't stop living waiting for the corn.  You can't just stand in line patiently waiting for the corn when they are clearly telling you "Sorry, the corn is not currently available."  It does you no good, and will not make the corn available any sooner if you just sit there whimpering about the corn saying "but, but, where is the corn..."

There are all kinds of other vegetables and delicious side dishes.  Don't miss out on all of those just cause your heart was really set on corn.  Nobody said that corn would be available all the time.

It's ok, there there now, I know, I really like the corn on the cob too.

Can you find a way to be ok without the corn?

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