Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flopsy and Mopsy Redux

So what do ya think?

These are the new girls in town.  Say hello to Flopsy and Mopsy, the sequel.  Ain't they nice, and so perky too.

I had two important appointments today, both heading in my favorite direction, OUT OF CANCER CAMP.  First up was meeting with the mastectomy bra fitting specialist, to procure some new breasts, the prosthetic kind.  After trying on several mastectomy bras and different size prostheses, the photo shows what I ended up with, and I am very happy with how natural they look.  In a shirt of course.  My ass is quite happy to have tits back.

The new bra is a "C" cup, and quite an economic downsize from my former double D's.  I like em.  They are heavy though.  How did I carry those big fat bunnies around for all those years?

A mastectomy bra looks pretty much like an ordinary bra, except inside the cups there is a pocket for the prosthesis to fit into.  I have a size 8 prosthesis on Mopsy's side, and only a 6 on Flopsy's, due to the swelling and thickness on that radiated side.

We tried all kinds of positions for my pancake and waffle inside the bra, and are you ready for this?  After squeezing them, rolling them, and throwing them around like dough, I folded them up, as in lifted them up, pressed flat against my chest, so my nipples are up at the top of the cup!  Holy contortion Lady!  I had to laugh at what a freakish sight it was when I peeked down while adjusting my flat girls, and there were my nipples looking up at me!  Never seen that before.  Hello.  Are you lost?  I remember with big boobs adjusting my nipple position to make sure both were centered in the cup and pointing in the same relative direction, but this was crazy.

Surprisingly, it was comfortable, and I wore the bra for the whole day [and before I got into my Tink jammies tonight, had a little boob fashion show for myself].

My new boobs and I then went to my second appointment, to visit my boss to discuss my return to work.  I am on the schedule next week, 3 nights!  Wish me luck!  Hello Napa Valley!  Here I come!  Time to get out the old white apron and iron it, find my wine key and crumber, and buy myself a new tie to celebrate my return.

It's like a whole new ball game folks.
I got boobs.
I got a job.
Please return your seat to the upright position.
We are leaving Cancer Camp.

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Anonymous said...

Yippee! Free of cancer camp. You did it it, Mopsy & flopsy in their new digs look great. good luck back at work, it'll be so great for you to be there.
Hugs& prayers, Laurie

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