Sunday, April 3, 2011

In My Pocket

I carry you, in my pocket with me, when I go to do these things I don't want to do, or am scared to do.  I carry you with me, like George Bailey carried Zuzu's petals.

It's all I will take with me, since they don't want you to bring your purse or jewelry or anything.  I don't normally take my wedding ring and thumb ring off ever, except in these cases when I have no choice.

Thank you Dear Reader for all the messages of love, support, encouragement and strength.  It helps.  It really does.

I even got one tough Irish Bitch in my corner, thank you Sister Pat, for hanging on so tight to me.  Thank you to all my Sisters who have been circling me.  For more tulip kisses Jane Marie.  My Sisters know what this is like.  The waiting.  The not knowing.  The stuff we gotta do just to get some answers.  And sometimes the answers are really really hard to hear.

I am going to take a nice bubble bath after I finish writing you, do a little reading, whisper in God's ear, then try and get some sleep.  Good luck with that, right?

I am not a morning person, as in anything before 10 a.m. seems rather uncivil to me, so you can imagine how I feel about a report time of 5 a.m.. Or as Jane Marie called it, the butt crack of dawn.  You got that right Sistah.

Maybe you are right Midge, getting it done first thing in the morning will be one less day I have to wait for it!

Wish me luck and good veins!

I was going to shave my legs but decided, what the hell.  Deal with it people.

Deal with it.


rochambeau said...

May you be at peace this morning and may you be filled with Light.
Pure Radiant Light~
Love to you writer Gurl~

Anonymous said...

Your Secret Fan Club is still riding this wave with you. Have a pelvic ultrasound myself scheduled for tomorrow. How I wish this nightmare was over and I could freely get on with my life. No such "normal" exist for me anymore. Bummer, dude. Keep the faith. Prayers in the air. T.

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