Thursday, April 28, 2011

See How My Garden Grows

I've written 352 posts, and Mother's Day is right around the corner, completing one year of writing this blog.  This time last year I was only a week into my diagnosis.  I was waiting for my port to be installed and five months of chemo to start.

Fast forward to today.

I was invited to meet with the organizers from NorthBay Cancer Center to discuss their upcoming celebration, sponsored along with the American Cancer Society, in honor of National Cancer Survivors Day.  They found out about me when they asked Kimberly at the American Cancer Society for a recommendation of a survivor, and after calling me to get my permission, she gave them my name and sent a couple of my posts and photos from my blog.  The event is scheduled for Sunday, June 5, and attracts several hundred survivors and their friends and family.

"Did Kimberly explain what you got yourself into?" they asked, big grins on their faces.  Sure, I thought to myself, I will be one of the survivors speaking for a few minutes.  Nope.  Not exactly.  They would like me to be the keynote speaker, and give a thirty to forty minute speech all about my cancer journey, including photos of me throughout treatment as I speak.


I have a month to write and rehearse my speech, and choose the photos.


Seeds I planted a year ago,
watered by my tears and your prayers,
are starting to bloom.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Deb! Very excited for you! Please provide details about this event for those of us who'd like to attend...if it's open to the public.

kim said...

How exciting!! I have no doubt that you will do an awesome job!!! Congratulations!!! I'm hoping that you will speak at our Relay also.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Lady ~ You are the "perfect" person to speak. You will be fantastic. What a thrill! Have fun preparing. Hugs and Kisses xoxox

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