Friday, April 15, 2011

True North, Heading Out of Cancer Camp

Today was another marker that I really am leaving Cancer Camp, and moving on with my life.

It was an appointment with True North, my plastic surgeon.  It was the first I had seen her since having my BLM and completing radiation.  It was the first I had talked to her since our phone conversation last Fall, when she called to cancel my reconstruction, along with several other patients surgeries, due to her doctor's orders regarding her impending delivery of twins.  I bawled my eyes out on that phone call, and for a few days after.  I didn't know how I was going to cope and handle waking up from bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction.  I didn't know how I was going to get through that, knowing that it would be some time I'd have to live with deflated breast leftovers.

I did what I did not think I could do, and today was one of those full circle moments Oprah talks about.  It was hard to believe that all these months have passed, I really have completed treatment now, and if I wanted to, could have my reconstruction surgery as early as this July.

I can see myself, crying my eyes out back then, and now here I am, in no rush to get it done, having found a way to live with what I thought I couldn't.

It was a great meeting, she was her beautiful, exuberant self, with the added glow of becoming the very proud and devoted mother of twin girls.  In her waiting room on the coffee table is a photo book from their delivery.  It is filled with adorable shots of the girls, wrapped in the traditional papoose wrap, right after being born.  At the end of the album was my favorite photo, of her Husband holding the girls, while True North gives him a kiss with her eyes closed and immeasurable joy on her face.  It reminded me of the game "I Spy" because as I looked at it I thought "I Spy a Family."

She was happy to see us, Husband and I, and wanted the update on the finish of my treatment, and how was the blog going.  I also told her about The Case of The Heart Shaped Uterus.  I was surprised when she offered her take on the whole lymphedema thing, and that she does not feel I am at high risk for it since I only had seven nodes removed.  I have gotten such conflicting information about this, and plan on doing more research on the subject and talking to all of my doctors about it.

Are you saying I could have used my left arm for the hysteroscopy?  I went through all of that for nothing?  Was Dr. Boy not a cad for suggesting it?  True North recommended I talk to The Wizard, my breast surgeon, and get his opinion as well, but she seemed quite certain.

It was a great meeting, and she seemed very pleased with The Wizard's handiwork, and the effects of radiation on Flopsy were not a problem.  She said she had seen far worse, and my skin is in very good condition, all things considered.  She did not have any special instructions for my breasts prior to surgery, other than moisturizing.  After discussing my goals to get in better shape, lose some weight, get back to my life and back to work, we agreed that I didn't need to be in any rush to schedule the surgery.  It would be my choice when I am ready; just let her know a couple of months before, and we'll make the plan.  I've been thinking about scheduling it in November or December, to take advantage I will have already met my out-of-pocket and it's a slower time of year for my job.

The other great news she shared, knowing it would be of great interest to us, is she's adding an Associate micro surgeon to her practice.  The new surgeon will partner with her in surgery and will be covered by my insurance, so I won't have the whole out-of-network issues I was facing previously.

I left there feeling very excited about the reality that when I am ready, the new body is going to happen.

It is starting to sink in.
I am leaving Camp.
Good things are coming.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Lady ~
Good things are definitely coming your way! "Congratulations" on being so strong and positive. You did it! I'm doing my "happy dance" for you! Hugs and Kisses xoxox

rochambeau said...

What a beautiful way to end my day. Reading this post about your miracle!! No more campin' for you!! So truly happy for you D!!

My mother and I share in your joy, bigtime!

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