Monday, May 9, 2011

Answer the Call

What incredible blessings the writing and sharing of this blog have brought into my life.

Friends and readers all over the world, and it keeps growing.

The support and friendship of amazing Sisters who walk this path with me.

Over 1,000 comments.
Almost 30,000 page views.
Over 10,000 visits to the blog.
So many beautiful gifts sent to me by strangers,
including two heart pillows to tuck under my broken wings,
and a badge of courage - a purple blown glass heart all the way from England.

Cancer shook me and emptied me.
I cried and felt alone and hopeless.
That's when the Angels started to arrive,
rushing to fill me,
displacing all that grief with
overflowing love and support,
encouragement, gratitude and kindness,
and Sister wisdom and humor from all over the planet.

Thank you for loving me,
for carrying me,
for whispering to me when I cried,
for making me laugh my ass off,
for being the starlight in my pocket.

Thank you thank you Dear Reader.

We never know how good we are until we are called to rise.  Emily Dickinson

Thank you Kimberly for sending me that quote, one I used in the early days of the blog.

I'd like to add something to that dearest Emily.  Yes we never know until we are called to rise, but first,
you must answer the call.
Every new day you are given,

Peep little bird.
Come on now.


PinkKitchen said...

That's the great things about having wings. You can travel to, or from, anything you want.

rochambeau said...

So beautiful ~
So True!!


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